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Parler tries to survive with help from Russian company

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China hits nearly 30 former Trump administration officials with sanctions on their way out of office

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Virginian-Pilot Editorial:

High school sports are one more reason to get vaccinated, follow guidelines and do whatever we can to get back the good things in life we’re missing.

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How Joe Biden’s presidency may affect your wallet

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The inside story of Bernie Sanders’ ‘grumpy chic’ inauguration mittens

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Oval Office gets a slight makeover under President Biden

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Five football players from far more established programs are transferring to Old Dominion University.

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QAnon conspiracy theorists grapple with anger and confusion after Biden inauguration

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A few arrests, but no serious security issues during Biden’s inauguration — two weeks after pro-Trump rioters besieged the Capitol

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In Opinion:

Now it's up to state lawmakers to help create a Virginia for all of us.

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Surgeon General Jerome Adams resigns as Biden assumes presidency

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Democrats gain Senate control as new members sworn in; Biden intelligence chief confirmed

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Former President Trump now at ‘home’ in Palm Beach County

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Struggling financially from COVID-19 in Virginia Beach?

These organizations may be able to help.

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Sentara Medical Group will begin vaccinating some of its elderly patients

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Virginia Beach residents who have been out of work during the pandemic may apply for tax relief

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The dire wolf was a heavy-boned, powerful predator that roamed North America up to about 11,000 years ago, or perhaps even later, preying on large animals like extinct horses, bison, sloths and even mammoths. From The New York Times:

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UPDATE: President Biden signs 1st executive orders, targeting Trump policies on immigration, climate change, racial equity and COVID-19

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We know that more than 4,000 Virginians have died after contracting COVID-19 and that many more have been hospitalized, but the numbers only tell part of the story.

If you or a loved one has been impacted by the virus, please let us know what happened.

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