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Handwriting tip: Did you know that you can download the twinkl font and use it as part of your teaching? See more here:

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If handwriting is a key focus, take a look at our letter formation booklets. Easy to print, these are perfect for both in class use for those in school and also for those at home accessing online-learning.

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Also, you can find the Twinkl originals eBooks on our Twinkl Go! Platform, along with reading comprehension tasks too >

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National Reading Day:
Dive into an adventure with our Twinkl Originals family via the Twinkl Originals App! Download it on any phone, or tablet device and choose which world you want to be immersed in!

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Here’s a little heads up for you - this Saturday (23rd) marks both #NationalHandwritingDay AND #NationalReadingDay !
If you want to get involved in either, read on for a few ways that you can...

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If you have an Ultimate subscription, make sure you're making the most of it by joining Book Club! We'll send you a brand new book each half term. That's over £40 worth of books every year!

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It's #MartinLutherKingJrDay Today we celebrate the life and legacy of this civil rights leader who led non-violent protests to help achieve equal rights for African-Americans. Learn more about MLK with this hotspot activity, currently free on Twinkl Go!

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We know you love them so we've made them interactive! Print-free, digital versions of our phonetically-decodable 60-Second Reads are now available for children who are remote learning to complete digitally. More to follow!

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If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed right now, that’s totally understandable. Why not take some time to write down your feelings and put it into song just like Makeshift.Macoroni on TikTok has done (we think she sums up everyone’s feelings right now)🤣🤣🤣

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We've teamed up with the brilliant @RobBiddulph for a collaborative art project your whole class can join in with!

Give each child a square to colour & decorate then bring them all together to create a masterpiece -

@HarperCollinsCh #edutwitter

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Get FREE pre-made EYFS Twinkl Go! lessons to share with your children. Go to , use the PIN JB0654 plus the username & password FARM44 #edutwitter #eyfs #earlyyears #remotelearning

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It’s C, Spanish! Gary attended school twice a week to learn Spanish when he played for FC Barcelona. Tomorrow he’s going to be teaching a Spanish lesson.
@cbbc are broadcasting lessons mon-fri and we have supporting resources to help your children learn👉

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FREE pre-made KS2 Twinkl Go! lessons to share with your children. Go to , use the PIN JB0654 plus these username/password per year group: Y3 BUNNY40 Y4 BAND42 Y5 TIN48 Y6 HOME140 #edutwitter #KS2 #remotelearning

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We've teamed up with our friends at @london_aquarium to bring you special lessons from the comfort of your own home. Why not start with this cute penguin lesson > and use our resources to consolidate learning >

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Yep🤣 What weird and wonderful things have your students told or shown you these last two weeks?

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This activity booklet contains a range of activities to consolidate children's understanding of numbers to 5. Perfect for both remote and school based learning.

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FREE pre-made KS1 Twinkl Go! lessons to share with your children. Go to , use the PIN JB0654 plus these usernames & passwords: Y1 - FAN42 Y2 - CORN34 #edutwitter #KS1 #remotelearning

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If you missed our live lessons about Twinkl Go! which is currently free to members, we’ve put together an explainer video showing how to get the most of your free access to this online platform and how best to share resources with your class. Watch here👉

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Children have shown amazing resilience, adapting to changes during lockdown. Celebrate and reward your students with our home learning certificates. Personalise the editable versions and send them digitally to children, so no printing required.

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