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I'm that actor in some of the movies you liked and some you didn't. Sometimes I'm in pretty good shape, other times I'm not. Hey, you gotta live, you know?

Los Angeles

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To all the Grads of 2020, you Chosen Ones! Print this up on a sheepskin! Hanx

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Big Day for Skyline High School in Oakland, CA! Glad to be a part of it! Hanx, ‘74.

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Oh, yeah! Mayor @CHunschofsky is joining @WhenWeAllVote’s #CivicCities to get everyone voting in Parkland, FLA. I’ve never been to Parkland, but Me Likeeee! Hanx.

Take a look at the dozens of mayors doing this, too:

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Look! I hit on a King and a Deuce! 21! Hanx.

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Class of ‘20! @WhenWeAllVote is tossing a prom-party. Special guests! Whoo-hoo! #MTVPromathon, #MySchoolVotes, #PromChallenge. Hanx!

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‘Where’s My Country Song?’ RIGHT HERE! @ritawilson. Out now for for a listen & watch Lyric video. Link to Bio. I’m a BIG FAN! Hanx!

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Here’s last week's bag of plasma. Such a bag! After the paperwork, it’s as easy as taking a nap. Thanks @arimoin and UCLA. Hanx

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Hey Folks, another week in and @arimoin is crushing it at UCLA and #LAHEALTHCAREHEROES and all things Covid-19. Go, Anne, go! Hanx.

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Hey, folks, LA First Responders and Healthcare Workers need testing - are they safe to work or not? Data for research needs collecting. We support #LAHEALTHCAREHEROES. @UCLAFSPH is leading the way. If you are able to donate, join us here: Hanx

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Bless the man, Tom Miller, who made me the Bosom Buddy of Peter Scolari. A kind and thoughtful man who changed my life. Peace. Hanx

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Groovy #CouchParty today for, like, oh what’s the word? DEMOCRACY, that’s it. @WhenWeAllVote. I’ll be there.

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Reunion of The Wonders (Oneders) today YouTube @ 4 PDT. Raising $ with That Thing They Did! A hit record! Good, boys! Amos White

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50 years ago. 1. Send men to the moon. 2. Return them safely to the Earth. Not easy. Apollo 13. Hanx

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I don’t live in Wisconsin, but I’m a fan of Democracy. Get those ballots Postmarked by HOLY COW! TODAY!!! Hanx...

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There would be no Playtone without Adam Schlesinger, without his That Thing You Do! He was a One-der. Lost him to Covid-19. Terribly sad today. Hanx

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