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Goa, We shoot #tenonten this weekend.

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Hope this govt knows what they are doing with their new agricultural policy. The only thing I've ever seen them farm is trolls.

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#VirDasForIndia came out a year ago today. It was hard to do. An entire country to cover, No fancy stage, every face visible, we sat down and talked about this country we love. If you're free today, grab some chai, some biscuits and watch it on Netflix. What's the show about?

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Quoted @solankineha

@thevirdas This is not the day for freedom of expression fight vir..he has been arrested as per the don't know constitution which is fine but lemme remind you republic day is celebration of same

Madam. With respect. Every single day is the day for that fight. Today more than any other day.

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Quoted @thewire_in

Munawar Faruqui's arrest, police say, was based on “oral evidence” given by the son of a BJP MLA, who claimed to have “overheard” Faruqui rehearsing jokes that he was “going to” say in his act.

Happy Republic Day everyone 🙏

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For you history buffs. Declaration of the Independence of India, was on 26 January 1930, resolving to fight for Purna Swaraj, or complete self-rule. It was us standing up to colonial rule, a rule that FYI began...with Cinnamon :-)
#HappyRepublicDay2021 #VirDasForIndia

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Maybe the joke isn't really that bad. Maybe the real problem is how valuable we think our sentiments are.

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Quoted @LiveLawIndia

Adv. Manish Gupta: These remarks were made 18 months ago. He repeated the same remarks on three different occasions i.e. comedy shows. This has led to other comedians making such remarks about Hindu Gods. This is happening with 70% of the comedians.

There's a 'respect the majority' joke here somewhere.

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Quoted @varunkashyaprao

The Daily Show by @thevirdas , it just has to happen.

Sure. We're totally fucking ready for that 😐

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Quoted @LiveLawIndia

Judge: Such people must not be spared. I will reserve the order on merits.

Fair enough. Can we have a conversation about which people are spared? And for which actual crimes?

Because honestly...that's the bigger joke .

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Replying to @glancescreen: Imagine getting something fresh on your lockscreen every time. Stop imagining, check your phone for Glance now.

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Imagine getting something fresh on your lockscreen every time. Stop imagining, check your phone for Glance now.

#YeGlanceHai #BaarBaarDekho

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#GOA, we've advanced the #SeeYouOutside show dates from late FEB to NEXT WEEK, 30th and 31st JAN. Tickets are LIVE, get them NOW. Tix:

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God jokes. #TenonTen
Full episode:

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A pandemic takes it's toll.

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This was such a fun chat! Well done @RavinaRawal for putting it together.

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Twitter in one screenshot.

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#Pune I'm bringing the #SeeYouOutside tour to you from March 4th - 7th. It's going to be an open air show. Tickets are LIVE get them here:

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Religion vs Comedy
My new series #TenOnTen Episode 1.

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