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Trump Declassified Memos Prove FBI Gave Clinton Campaign Pass on Foreign Donors

 8,185  749  3,004

New Tax on Number of Miles You Drive?

 3,137  2,294  1,850

Biden and his colleagues have given hope to those who want to enter the United States anyway but legally.

 1,669  471  437

Jen Psaki Doesn’t Seem To Be Aware of the Antifa Violence in Portland

 7,768  2,204  2,256

Biden Snaps at Reporter When Asked About CoVID Plan, Says ‘Give Me a Break!’

 4,083  1,065  1,095

"Mitch McConnell’s Lie" - @realJeffreyLord

 2,582  589  767

As Migrants Flee To U.S. Border, Biden Official Says ‘Now Is Not The Time’

 2,081  444  606

Trump Declassified Memos Prove FBI Gave Clinton Campaign Pass on Foreign Donors

 16,186  1,063  6,092

Hannity "Biden even struggling to answer 'friendly fawning media'"

 2,693  439  550

REPORT: Joe Biden’s Proposal to Raise National Minimum Wage to $15 Could ‘Kill 3.7 Million Jobs’

 9,223  1,266  3,404

POMPEO: The Chinese Communist Party Poses an ‘Existential Threat’ to the United States

 8,880  449  2,230

Double-Digit Spike in Americans Who Say Country Headed in Wrong Direction

 6,769  607  1,552

BIDEN: I’m ‘Asking Everyone to Pay Their Fair Share at the Top’ So We Can ‘Rebuild America’

 2,011  2,866  677

Pelosi Immediately Breaks Her Own House Rules, Describes Herself as ‘Wife and Mother’

 4,180  672  989

LA Times Says Joe Biden's Plan is to ‘Make America California Again!’

 2,848  622  889

Buckle in. It will be a long four years.

 5,574  960  1,145

In other words, a sitting United States Senator betrayed her office and her oath to the Constitution. So where is Liz Cheney on impeaching Harris?

 8,581  876  2,321

Computer repair shop owner at center of Hunter Biden scandal speaks out

 5,106  748  1,632

Canada May Look at Legal Action if Biden Cancels Keystone Pipeline

 10,573  633  2,037

California Likely Paid Out $10 BILLION in CoVID Relief to ‘Organized Crime, Russia, China’

 3,149  473  1,691

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