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What @narendramodi @PMOIndia had said and what we got.

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This men is shame for our country @rashtrapatibhvn take action against this men. If you're not going to take action against this men then there will be a huge outrage in this country and we're not going to obey the rules. #YogiResignNOW

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The man who faught for the rights of oppressed people #HappyBirthdayPeriyar

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Quoted @surajyengde

Retweet: if you don’t trust the Supreme Court of India right now.

Comment: if you think collegium system should go.

Like: if you have faith in the Supreme Court.

I don't trust SC. Collegium system must have to go.

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I have heard the song there is nothing wrong in it.
It's absolutely correct those who are targeting him want caste system to remain in the society. #IStandWithRanjitBawa

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Who gave power to supreme Court judges to make any type of law weather it is for reservation or for anything.

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