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How it started vs How it’s going

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It’s late at night and you can’t sleep—what’s the first thing you ask Google? #HeyGoogle

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Keeping health at top of mind can be tough. Whether you want to ease in or take it to the next level, just grab your #Chromecast voice remote and say, “Show me workout videos.” You’ll get everything from quick 5-minute videos to hour-long sessions so you can get your sweat on. 💪

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How it started vs How it’s going

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Three ways to take a moment with #HeyGoogle:

🧘 Find some peace with “Hey Google, meditate with Headspace”
📖 Give your eyes a break with “Hey Google, read me an audiobook”
🌊 Relax with “Hey Google, play me ocean sounds”

What’s your favorite thing to ask Google?

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With a little help, making dinner is as easy as using the ingredients you have—just say, “ #HeyGoogle, what can I make with broccoli and cheese?”

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Replying to @Google: Welcome @fitbit! 🏃‍♀️🏋️‍♂️🤸

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Welcome @fitbit! 🏃‍♀️🏋️‍♂️🤸

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Replying to @Google: Guest Mode on Google Assistant gives you a new easy way to control your privacy on Nest smart speakers and Smart Displays. Say…

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Guest Mode on Google Assistant gives you a new easy way to control your privacy on Nest smart speakers and Smart Displays. Say " #HeyGoogle, turn on Guest Mode,” and your Google Assistant interactions won’t be saved to your account →

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Turn a new 🍃 for the new year with simple routines to ease into the day. When you say, “ #HeyGoogle, good morning” you can get:

🌞 Weather to plan your outfit
🎵 Music to brighten your mood
📰 News & podcasts to stay up-to-date

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.@OpeolaBukola has a whole list of uses for their Nest Hub and Mini: alarm clock, music source, timer, walkie talkie, dictionary, cookbook, reminder factory—whew, that’s a lot!

What’s on your list of uses? Surprise us and leave a comment 👇

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Did you know that with #NestAudio you can:

🚶 Move music room-to-room
🎙️ Pair two for stereo sound
🏠 Connect other Nest speakers for whole home audio
🤫 Turn off the mic for privacy
🎛️ Control your whole smart home

Learn more:

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How’d you do? See how many #NationalTriviaDay answers you got right:

1. 200 devices
2. 3 inches
3. River stone
4. 160 degrees
5. 16 million

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#NationalTriviaDay continues:

How many combinations of light and color can #NestHubMax sense and match in a room to adjust the display to the brightness of the room?

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Here’s another for #NationalTriviaDay:

How wide is the field of vision for #NestHello video doorbell?

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Let’s keep #NationalTriviaDay going:

What was the #Chromecast with Google TV design inspired by?

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Second #NationalTriviaDay question:

#NestHubMax is ___ bigger than #NestHub.

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Ready for #NationalTriviaDay? Test your knowledge of @GoogleNest products! First up:

Up to how many devices can one #NestWifi router and point handle?

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We’ve loved seeing this year through your lens. You have a keen eye for the striking, the heartwarming, and the uplifting.

Keep sharing your unique perspectives from around the world in 2021.

But for now, Happy New Year, #teampixel

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The countdown has begun ⏰

Get ready to ring in the new year with the New Year’s themed chimes on #NestHello video doorbell 🔔

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