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We are officially halfway to our goal for a #24hourstream, only 50k more channel points to go for you guys, and we’ll be doing a 24 hour stream, make sure to be tuning in and using your points to see it happen sooner.

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Chicken is better than turkey, there I said it.

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Quoted @RobDeMelloKHON

5X Pro Bowler, #Hawaii resident Marshawn Lynch & his @fam1stfam teamed up w/ @youngsfishmkt, Tamura Super Market, @BFL_Hawaii, @ChadOwens2 & others to pass out 200 free turkeys on O’ahu #AlohaSpirit #HappyThanksgiving @MoneyLynch // 🤙🏽

Replying to @BTBWPodcast: Love this. #2020 #Thanksgiving

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When you order #pizza and it is late by 10 minutes and the delivery driver breaks rules of contactless delivery and waits with the pizza to say sorry 😂 whatever dude do what you gotta do 🤙

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Anybody else have controller drift on every controller? starting to believe it is my #playstation and not the controller, every controller I try does the same thing.

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Alright, serious question for serious #fps #gamers. You can only have one game series for the rest of your life and the other will never exist, are you choosing @CallofDuty or @Battlefield? #mulletthoughts #gamers #streamers #callofduty #Battlefield

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Football has been great this year.

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Farley visited the vet on Monday for his ear infection, he has had meds for almost a week now and is definitely feeling better and ear is looking better, dog update complete.

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Am I the only one that buy's #Christmasgifts before #thanksgiving and immediately gives them to the Wife 😂

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Yo shoutout @PatMcAfeeShow for the sleeveless hoodie from the #thanksfanduel contest, these things are the way of the future along with #forthebrand

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Replying to @ChicagoBears: Our home, this city >>>

#MINvsCHI | #DaBears

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Our home, this city >>>

#MINvsCHI | #DaBears

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Quoted @Reuters

Police evacuating Ubisoft's Montreal office building in ongoing operation

Thoughts and prayers to anyone involved in this.

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Nobody is more ready for bed than this guy, shoutout to everyone that showed support in the #24hourstream it was much appreciated 🤙

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So today is the big day, 24 hours of this Mullet raging 😂

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Tomorrow is the day #letsgetit

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Replying to @FadeGrips: We’ll be releasing PS5 Controller Cases within the next couple of weeks (6 Colors)!

We’ll be releasing Xbox Series X/S Con…

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We’ll be releasing PS5 Controller Cases within the next couple of weeks (6 Colors)!

We’ll be releasing Xbox Series X/S Controller Cases within the year!

#FadeGrips #GetYourGripOn

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We may do a special #stream today(usual off day) would anyone be looking to #squadup on @Rainbow6Game?

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Dogs watching us in the kitchen😂 Farley with his spiderman forehead on full display. #goofydogs #goofs #dogsoftwitter #dogs #puppers #spiderman

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