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Apparently asking someone for pick you up in an airplane is “sexual solicitation”...Only in 2021

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The boys down in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area could rent a bus and fill it up, with as many guys there are from there playing in the Farmers Mon Q @acaseofthegolf1

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Lady GAga

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JT wearing @petermillar over in the Middle East...

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2,000 National Guard troops deputized as US Marshall’s. Fun fact....US Marshall’s are the ones who can arrest sitting politicians. 🤔

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So the Dems want to defund police and scale back military....but are busing troops and outside law enforcement to DC to “protect” it from citizens? Hypocritical much...

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So now they are bringing in NYC cops for protection too in DC? What is really going on? Sorry can’t be for 200 radicals that were let into the Capitol

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Am I the only one that doesn’t feel all this military presence in DC is kosher? There has to be something going down we don’t know about.

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I’m thinking of looking at @WilsonGolf irons any suggestions? Support a fellow Midwest company

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Who puts carpet down in a cardio area...where you sweat like no other?

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Yea I decided to throw some money on this bet...

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