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Son of Earth. Writer/filmmaker. Host and producer of @junkfilterpod. Resident of Bloordale.

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A song made for 50 year olds in 2025 to use in documentaries about the late nineties, perfect that it would have pride of place at Biden’s Inauguration

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Checking out the new special editions in the Wong Kar-wai box set, they’ve given everything a green tint, they’ve messed with the aspect ratios... I dunno, I think they should have at least preserved the originals

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Quoted @RollingStone

The New Radicals will reunite for the first time in 22 years to perform "You Get What You Give" during Biden inauguration virtual parade

I knew when this song was new that it would be used as a generational pop culture touchstone for libs (like Fleetwood Mac was used by the Clintons) in the 2020s and beyond

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Actions speak louder than words of course. He can say this stuff but he can't walk the walk. If he was smart he would actually be trying to get to the middle to displace Trudeau at the centre, but they will run the same boneheaded RW campaign that they already lost twice with

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Quoted @CBCPolitics

No place for 'far right' in Conservative Party, Erin O'Toole says #hw #cdnpoli

That will be news to a lot of people who support him

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Quoted @getFANDOM

Zack Snyder confirms his new cut of 'Justice League' will be released as a 4-hour long movie on HBO Max

Cyborg and Julie Go Boating (Snyder, 2021)

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Trump’s big plan was to declare victory on election night because of the “red mirage” of in-person voting being counted first. The plan was in fact ruined by Fox News when their decision desk called AZ for Biden that evening, Trump went bananas and called Murdoch

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Quoted @Sflecce


Another 100K doses of the vaccine administered in one week. We can do this, Ontario.


Replying to @mjblair:

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I think it’s fine for WKW to mess around with all his movies. My issue is the continuing availability of their original versions.

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Some dummy is going to let go of their FALLEN ANGELS blu when they buy the WKW Criterion box for the “upgrade” and I am going to buy it used

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tfw you already have reference quality Blu-Rays of HAPPY TOGETHER and IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE that haven’t been turned green for the new “remastered editions”

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I’ve been enjoying this Axios series about the meltdown from within Trump’s campaign starting from the night they lost the election and I guess it will take us all the way to him leaving office. Three parts so far, some “pump this in my veins” anecdotes

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Françoise Hardy on a John Frankenheimer float at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, 1966

Happy birthday to the Queen

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Replying to @StephanieKelton: Somewhere between 10:57 and 11:15 yesterday morning, socialism appears to have won her over.

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Quoted @washingtonpost

When extremists are forced off social media platforms, law enforcement may have difficulty following them to their next mode of communication

Umm... from the sounds of it, law enforcement can just call these guys from their address books on their phones

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Quoted @PhilNobileJr

Fun curation on the @criterionchannl

Criterion Channel making one inspired curatorial move after another... please hire me I would love to try my hand at such precise programming

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All these nerds can't get over themselves. They think podcasts will be shut down because of Biden and the "radical left" or whatever, meanwhile there is an entire planet of people making podcasts that whatever this guy fantasizes will happen in America would have zero effect on

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Quoted @EricRWeinstein

Try to shut down Independent long-form podcasting & watch what happens to your civilization.

Why? Because as insane as it sounds, It’s about all we have left of reality that isn’t socially engineered by institutions. Crazy, but that’s where we are. Podcasting IS the “loophole”.

First they came for the podcasters and I said nothing

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Somewhere between 10:57 and 11:15 yesterday morning, socialism appears to have won her over.

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New @junkfilterpod! A look at QAnon and Hollywood, focusing on 3 Popcorn Classics their followers take inspiration from, despite their abiding hatred of Tinseltown:
- White Squall
- Godfather 3
- Georgia Reloaded
@davidhains is the guest.
Listen now:

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