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Quoted @mikeduncan

Instead their message is "Continue indulging in your most paranoid fears. Don't be fooled into complacency. Democrats hate you. Everything bad that has happened is their fault. You are right to be terrified of them and what they are doing."

This is a complicated position b/c many conservatives will argue they've been vilified for the last four years, and it's not enough to say, but they were wrong. Also not enough to just call this out. Shifting mindset by example is the only hope.

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Quoted @TechCrunch

Dashlane taps JD Sherman, ex-Hubspot COO, as new CEO, as co-founder Emmanuel Schalit steps aside by @ingridlunden

Not just a personnel change story, also a bigger look at the challenges and opportunities in the business of password management right now.

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FEEDBACK REQUESTED. Where and how do you want to interact with us and each other? Thank you bigly. (Too soon?)

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Quoted @TechCrunch

South African startup Aerobotics raises $17M to scale its AI-for-agriculture platform by @ulonnaya

I've covered a lot of fintech out of the continent, but agritech is another big theme in the African startup scene (just as it's a huge market for agriculture). Interesting to see this one breaking out into global markets too.

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Does anyone else think it's notable Kamala Harris is wearing a (slightly bluish) purple suit? This is wonderful to see.

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We'd hear no end of it with insults about what an unpatriotic, snowflake, wimpy sore loser the outgoing President was if the tables were turned and it were Trump getting inaugurated today, having defeated the incumbent in a fair election. Good riddance.

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Quoted @riptari

No list of supporters for this pardon ofc

‘Involvement in a political project’. At least they admit it was politics alone that motivated this. Still the whitewashing is truly despicable.

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Quoted @TechCrunch

UK's WhiteHat rebrands as Multiverse, raises $44M to build tech apprenticeships in the US by @ingridlunden

Providing more educational opportunities and more options to a wider set of people should not just be a tech imperative, but an economic and societal one. Great idea here, and hope it continues to scale (it really should). tip @Techmeme

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And Personio raised $125M at a $1.7B valuation. Huge round that speaks to the ongoing boom we've been witnessing for HR tools (again, due to the pandemic).

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Bloom & Wild, a flower delivery startup, has raised $102M - a massive round that speaks to how it's been growing (pun intended) in the pandemic. Flowers have a special role to play at the moment IMO. See story for more:

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Just today, have covered two of the most recent of many examples:

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Is anyone tracking the preponderance of 9-figure funding rounds in Europe? Feels like we are on a roll with these, a sign of more scaling, but also a *lot* more money out there for investing.

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Quoted @vojtech

Love this from @ingridlunden: "Getting flowers from a person can take on a new and sometimes deeper meaning. The physical presence — the colors, the smells, the rustle of life — they convey can be a proxy for the human interaction that we’re missing."

Buy someone flowers today!

Maybe this is just me sending a strong hint to the world that *I* would like some flowers. :-) 💐 only kidding of course

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Replying to @mikebutcher: It is absolutely appalling that Alexei Navalny has been arrested on his return to Russia. Every Russian in London needs to…

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It is absolutely appalling that Alexei Navalny has been arrested on his return to Russia. Every Russian in London needs to protest in the most vehement terms against this injustice.

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Quoted @sdkstl

>>States reported more covid deaths this week than the CDC's estimate for US flu deaths for the entire 2019-2020 flu season.<<

Scary times. The "it's basically like the flu" spin of last year, still being peddled by some, has been one of the more disastrous and irresponsible aspects of how this virus has been communicated to the public by influential people.

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Quoted @4hundredrabbits

For kids who get #freeschoolmeals but are being sent white bread and a single tomato: Time to level up 👊

This Friday! 12-5pm! Ask for ‘The Rashford One’ and get a free kids margherita 🍕

Phone ahead or drop in. No questions asked.

I love my neighborhood. It takes a village as they say. (Also @MarcusRashford is moving mountains. Watch him.)

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Quoted @jswatz

Biden’s choice of David Kessler take over Operation Warp Speed sends me back: covering him as FDA commissioner was a wild ride. He got things done.

This looks encouraging after some major leadership fails (in the US and elsewhere).

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Xentral has an interesting backstory: the orig software was written by the founders of a small biz in search of an ERP product for itself and unable to find what it needed. (It helped that the co in question was a tech business, selling hardware components to enthusiasts.)

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Co-working Friday with Pepper and Magic

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