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I've been in some discords and subreddits and communities where folks are so blind by who they assume are interested in the same things they are that they're openly hostile to others without even knowing who's listening. (Being purposefully vague here, but y'all get it.)

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And then there are the others who are like "nah kids, everyone's welcome here, especially and including you" and that takes hard work, empathy, and understanding. So for all of you who do that work every day, or take that stand when you need to? Thank you, it's not unnoticed.

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And it hurts. It cuts deep when all you want is to talk to people who dig what you dig or engage with a creator you look up to and you find out they'd probably consider you less than human if they saw your face.

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I hate to be all sincere on the TL, but here's something I've been thinking about a lot:

To all the creators, streamers, and other folks who work hard to make sure their spaces are inclusive and open and supportive? Thank you. I really can't thank you guys enough.

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And finally, while it's not pandemic related specifically, check out these stories of people who found community—and then love—in online games in a meaningful way:

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Oh - check back with me on the 19th. I just finished editing a beautiful story where a mother and daughter bonded during the pandemic over Breath of The Wild, and I can't wait for you to read it.

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First, read @m0steele on how playing Skyrim (which is 10 years old now, wow!) helped her seasonal depression and gave her a greater appreciation of the things around her:

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So instead of reading the bad, poorly reported video games piece that shall not be named, here's some great games-saved-my-mental-health-during-the-pandemic reading instead, from us over at @WIRED Games.

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Then read @esthermollica on how post-apoc games were the "community overcoming collective struggle" vibe she—and we—need in this moment:

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Quoted @WIRED

At first glance, the internet encyclopedia and role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons may not have much in common. But if you recast Wikipedia’s 40.6 million editors as players and its numerous trolls as, well, get the idea.

Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of a little site called @WIkipedia - so check out @harrisonstephen's piece for us at @WIRED Games about how the massive, community-run encyclopedia is essentially a massive role playing game, complete with character classes and rules:

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Quoted @BitsHammer

This description of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs is probably the best piece of writing I've read in a while. That was beautiful.

lmao rekt

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Replying to @TheAutumnWright: For @WIRED, I wrote about the antiquated bodies and modern myths of Supergiant’s Hades.

On gender, sexuality, fatnes…

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For @WIRED, I wrote about the antiquated bodies and modern myths of Supergiant’s Hades.

On gender, sexuality, fatness, and disability in Ancient Greece:

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Quoted @WIRED

When the internet was young, text-only games helped create shared alternate realities. Decades and many graphics cards later, these games still stand on their own.

Replying to @lizlandau: >Look down
>Read article

If you ever played a text-based game back in the 20th century, my @WIRED story is for you https://…

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>Look down
>Read article

If you ever played a text-based game back in the 20th century, my @WIRED story is for you

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Replying to @devtesla: power of vtubers

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Quoted @skrishna

Very excited to be making my debut at @WIRED today with my video game column “Casual Gamer.” In my first installment, I write about why BUGSNAX helped me get through the end of 2020:

I'm so happy to share that @skrishna has a brand new column with us at @WIRED Games called Casual Gamer, and her first entry is a wonderful intro to what this series will be all about.

Go read it, whether you're into BUGSNAX or not:

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Quoted @BriannaNHolt

My introvert-behavior was consistently brought up as an issue and used in every performance review as an equivalent to “not showing team effort” What’s more frustrating is how common this is among Black people in predominantly white spaces, despite them being a high performer.

Just gonna say that this is true as hell, and the whole thread is true as hell, and y'all can come ask me why I know

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power of vtubers

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Quoted @TaylorLorenz

Andrew Yang says that as mayor he wants to bring TikTok Hype Houses to NYC

that alone should be disqualifying

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Hi hello! Some ~ personal news ~ and a whole different kind of Friday news dump - I'm writing a book!

It's all about how to succeed when you're a marginalized person in your space, especially when the usual productivity advice doesn't work for you.

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