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Defense officials say they fear a possible inside attack at President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration and will have National Guard troops vetted.

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Canadian TV - citing sources - reports President-elect Joe Biden will cancel the Keystone XL pipeline permit via executive action on his first day in office.

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A New Mexico county official who runs a group called Cowboys for Trump is arrested after vowing to return to Washington after last week's riot at the Capitol.

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72 tennis players who traveled to Australia for the Open are now in lockdown after there were positive #coronavirus cases reported on flights they took.

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The UK government plans to offer a first dose of #COVID-19 vaccine to every adult by September.

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Israeli authorities say they have advanced plans to build nearly 800 homes in West Bank settlements.

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"All the documentaries that I like to watch ... Does that mean I'm officially old? Does that mean I'm out the game, that I'm no longer able to be hip?" Thats @PlanetTyrus sounding off about on his TV watching habits on the latest episode of #TyrusNTimpf.

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President-elect Joe Biden is promising to get right to work once he is sworn in. @SutherlandFox speaks with @pdoocy about what the future looks like under a Biden presidency. #FromWashington


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Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit reaches space on 2nd try after first flight failed 8 months ago.

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Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will resign her Senate seat on Monday, two days before she and President-elect Joe Biden are inaugurated.

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Security is ramped up as small groups of protesters gather outside statehouses in OH, MI and SC ahead of Inauguration Day.

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America braces for potentially violent protests in all 50 state capitols and Washington, D.C. leading up to Wednesday's inauguration.

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The inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden is coming up and Washington D.C. is boosting security in preparation for possible violence. @JaredHalpern speaks with @JenGriffinFNC about safety preparations for the big day. #FromWashington


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We’re #Momming Today with @MamaDoctorJones, who opens up about medicine, motherhood, travel & contracting COVID-19. Catch her full interview with @SimonettiLauren on @ApplePodcasts or your favorite #podcast platform:

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Police: Shooting at Phoenix, AZ nightclub leaves one dead and six injured.

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President-elect Biden expected to take executive action on immigration, the environment and the pandemic during his first ten days in office.

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A NEW #TyrusNTimpf #podcast is out now. This week, @PlanetTyrus gives his thoughts on a Pigeon found in Australia with fake identification ... Hear all the nonsense at the link below, on @ApplePodcasts, or on @Spotify!

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Don't miss our extended, candid interview with @drdrew where he discusses his battle with the coronavirus and his critics.

Check out The #FOXNEWSRundown Extra:

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A NEW #IllTellYouWhatElse with @DanaPerino & @ChrisStirewalt is out now. This week, we're flashing back to May 31st, 2017. In this episode, Dana & Chris have a lot to say about lunches and meetings ... Hear all of their thoughts at the link below!

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