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It’s been over 24hrs since the news of #OrluMassacre broke.
Ohaneze is pindrop quiet so far.

An organization that portends to be at forefront of Igbo people is mute about extrajudicial military killings in their region.

Obiozor is rather interested in cockfights with Kalu.

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Quoted @MBuhari

I have also appointed new Service Chiefs, to replace the retired officers:

Major-General Leo Irabor, Chief of Defence Staff

Major-General I. Attahiru, Chief of Army Staff

Rear Admiral A.Z Gambo, Chief of Naval Staff

Air-Vice Marshal I.O Amao, Chief of Air Staff.

I’m curious.

Is it in the interest of the country to continue this model of a parallel leadership of the military?

E.g Why’s there a CODS, when there’s also a Minister of Defence?

Why not integrate the military leadership under the fed. Govt also.

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Quoted @FinPlanKaluAja1

When you think about it...Nigeria was a SPAC created by Sir Goldie

It is what it is.

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The lawyer bants on the TL today is premium quality 🤣

Lawyers dey see nonsense for dis obodo naija.

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Just went through a job posting...🤣

It had 30+ Job Responsibilities, for one role!?

I’m certain the pay would be like 100k or less.

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Quoted @Nairametrics

Naira falls at NAFEX window as dollar supply continues to decline

Well that didn’t take long...at all.

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I read a disturbing tweet. Yet to confirm it though.

The cows these herdsmen sell are castrated, so one can’t even rear cattle off purchases from them.

It’s clearer that beef supply in Nigeria should be decentralized. Beef...shouldn’t be this expensive.

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The Southeast governors and the military should be put in the same box:
They’ve sworn allegiance to Aso Rock, and not to the people they’re supposed to serve and protect.

What will people of SE do about this? Carry on this defeatist mindset since the aftermath of the civil war?

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What’s going on in Orlu is indicative of the absence of independent media, mainstream or social, in that region.

The narrative is been turned on its head and what most people will hear is it was a shootout between the military and a separatist group.

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Quoted @Hope_Uzodimma1


When spineless men rule, chaos is inevitable.

There are video evidences EVERYWHERE! And you still went on to tweet this?

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Quoted @LekeAlder

There is a culture of wickedness in the Nigerian society. We do vicious driving, condone abuse as tradition, there's oppressive officialdom, deliberate frustration of the dreams of young people, wanton appropriation of collective heritage... We can't progress with such spirit.

Keyword CULTURE.

There’s a reinforcement of these fruits of wickedness by age-long men-made systems that have benefited from this anomaly.

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Replying to @LekeAlder: There is a culture of wickedness in the Nigerian society. We do vicious driving, condone abuse as tradition, there's oppress…

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What is happening in Orlu?

Why are @HQNigerianArmy men on the streets shooting down innocent unarmed citizens.

What has ESN have to do with civilians just going about their daily lives?

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Clubhouse may well usher in the reemergence of audio content engagement - real time, like listening to car radio, only this time, it's 100% user-generated.

Podcasting is going to get a major boost.

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Quoted @iSlimfit

Will there ever be a time in Nigeria when Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa will drop the ethnic & religious difference and come together as one to achieve a common goal for the sake of the Nation?

When we have a constitution that compels every tribe to treat one another with fairness,

When we institutionalize an socioeconomic system that rewards states that are productive, and punishes those that are lazy,

When the Law is KING,

Till then...

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Quoted @NigeriaNewsdesk

SERAP asks Nigerian government to publish details of N729 billion payments for poor residents

It’s important Nigerians read and follow @SERAPNigeria numerous spotlighting.

Yes, it does get tiring...but they do a very uncommon public good.

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Quoted @channelstv

Miyetti Allah To Meet South-West Governors In Akure Over Vacation Order

Next you’ll hear is some ‘agreement and compromise’ has been reached.

How are we still talking about nomadic cattle grazing...in 2021? When every state can rear its own cattle supply?

The myopic greed & folly of the SW political leadership.

I truly wish to be proven wrong.

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Thiago “I see your idea ball” Alcantara

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Replying to @masongreenwood: Hi United fans I hope you enjoyed that🙂

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Hi United fans I hope you enjoyed that🙂

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It is major folly for a region to imagine that another region cannot rear its own beef.

In 21st century, Nigeria is still discussing nomadic cattle herding, at a time when there are more viable options for cattle rearing.

It’s a damn shame we are where we are.

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