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.@danielhowell, #mentalhealthadvocate and YouTube personality, is calling on all of us to become an ambassador for mental health in order to become healthier and happier.

Watch the full session here: #DavosAgenda

here is a panel i participated in today in which i ask whether ‘global leaders’ are actually going to learn from this current ‘crisis’ and take mental health seriously

(thanks for having me @youtube & @wef btw i was naked from the waist down hope that’s okay)

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i’m developing bernie anxiety i can’t enjoy images anymore without searching frantically for a hidden pair of mittens just in case it’s a trick

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genuinely worried i’ve forgotten how to casually hug friends as a greeting and when i finally see someone i’ll just panic and chokeslam them

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why do people at sea get all the shanties we should have better representation like browsing on the couch shanties or crying in bed shanties

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Sad smol blue fish news.. our beloved betta Norman has passed away. May he swim in peace 🐟💙

rip you tiny angry fabulous creature i hope you are happily sitting on a huge leaf or harassing some shrimp in aquatic afterlife

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Replying to @AmazingPhil: New video with @danielhowell - Something we want to tell you!

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New video with @danielhowell - Something we want to tell you!

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it may be hard to feel excited about what a ‘new year’ means for our lives right now but time passes and change is inevitable so stay hopeful and one day we’ll realise we’re on the other side

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honestly the whole year was a write off can we agree to just reset the calendars - happy 2019 omg!!

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cursed drafts

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🤗 i wish you a respectfully not-too-merry christmas and a highly vaccinated new year ✨

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fun fact: today is the shortest day of the year and this year is the longest goddamn year of all time

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😳 haha it’s so sexy how you’re prioritising your mental health today 🤭

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i appreciate @youtube seeing me as one of the good creators for ‘ #TheRiseYTUK’ and it’s an honour to share some of the spotlight with @JessicaOOTC who makes the kind of videos i wish i could have watched when i was younger

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check out these extremely natural candid photos of me 'in my creative process' featuring my favourite totally unbranded laptop

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Replying to @irlmerchandise: Dan’s new book is back with a holiday special offer! Pre-order it today and get a LIMITED EDITION art card delivered to…

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Dan’s new book is back with a holiday special offer! Pre-order it today and get a LIMITED EDITION art card delivered to you right now: Perfect to give as a gift to show someone you care.


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a tweet for the people that are lowkey thankful for having the ‘pandemic’ excuse to avoid family gatherings we’re out here

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the fact so many people still voted for trump shows how badly the world needs real change - the status quo won’t cut it anymore and unless we present progressive politicians that actually try to address the problems in people’s lives this will happen again

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You Will Get Through This Night - written by Daniel Howell. Coming May 2021, available to pre-order now! #ThisNight

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