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Check out these food suggestions to help you live in a state of calm in 2021.

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FDA gives approval for syringes to extract an extra dose from vials of the Covid-19 vaccine

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Bernie Sanders' campaign store is selling sweatshirts featuring the photo that inspired countless memes, and all the proceeds are going to Meals on Wheels programs in Sanders' home state of Vermont.

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Whatever political party you pledge allegiance to, whatever your socio-economic background, immigration status, language, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion...there is a Bernie meme for you, writes Judy Gold

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The interview famously ended with the two men singing "Got a Date with an Angel" and Marlon Brando giving Larry King a peck on the lips.

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The winning ticket in the $1 billion Mega Millions lottery was bought in Michigan

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Third-party sellers on Amazon and other e-commerce sites are sending random products to people across the US as part of what's known as a "brushing scam" — a bizarre scheme that helps boost a vendors' ratings online.

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"This would stop the epidemic."
Some experts like Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School physician Dr. Abraar Karan have been advocating for public use of N95 masks from the start of the pandemic.

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The question of which Capitol rioters were riotous enough to stay in jail before trial has become one of the thorniest issues for the courts to decide

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Some DoorDash customers started getting hit with a new fee on their order total. Why? In some cities, local governments passed temporary caps limiting how much third-party delivery platforms can charge restaurants to help struggling business

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Police were called to First Works Baptist Church in El Monte in the San Gabriel Valley of Los Angeles County around 1 a.m. where they found the walls of the church vandalized and smoke coming out of the church's window, which appeared to be smashed in.

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After a big breakfast at a Colorado restaurant, a generous customer left employees a $1,400 tip and a message that said "COVID Sucks!"

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NBC Sports Network is shutting down at the end of this year, the company said. The cable network will cease operation and USA Network will begin "carrying and/or simulcasting certain NBC Sports programming" later this year.

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House Democrats are working on drafting legislation proposed by President Biden that would direct the IRS to send recurring monthly payments to American families to expand the child tax credit, a source familiar with the matter confirmed to CNN.

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Failing grades are rising in school districts across the country and attendance is an enduring problem. The impact is hardest felt among underserved students -- those who are poorer or minorities.

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Actor and comedian Billy Crystal says Larry King was a “stunning human being.”
When King was interviewing him, “you didn't know where he was going to go but it always ended up in the right place,” Crystal says.

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In one draft of the proposal, the IRS would give parents $3,000 per year for each child between the ages of 6 to 17, and $3,600 per child under age 6.

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Justice Department lawyer Jeffrey Clark nearly convinced then-President Donald Trump to remove then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and use the Department of Justice to undo Georgia's election results, The New York Times reported Friday.

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The Justice Department has charged a Capitol rioter with threatening to "assassinate" Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

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