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⁣⁣Creator of One Bad Mother Comic Strip. Album on Spotify $ iTunes 🎤⁣⁣Voiceover/ Actor/ Illustrator/ Animator Webtoon on IG @badmotherstrip

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Quoted @LindseyGrahamSC

My letter to Democratic Leader Schumer.

The Senate should vote to dismiss the article of impeachment once it is received in the Senate. We will be delaying indefinitely, if not forever, the healing of this great Nation if we do otherwise.

Oh poor Lindsey Graham Cracker, signed it in Democratic Blue but still supports Trump by signing with a Sharpie. 🤗 I think I can speak for Chuckie, NO! #Graham

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This is amazing!! I painted this woman from my own imagination, now she’s alive! @candyriot_ #beautiful #sundayvibes #ArtistOnTwitter #womenempowerment #refaceapp

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A Good Sunday for some artwork. My character named Raven. #SundayArt #women #womenempowerment #livephoto

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29% of Americans who approve, are on the FBI’s wanted list.

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Quoted @KeithOlbermann

NEW VIDEO: The missing headline is: an impeached president cannot pardon those involved in the crimes involved in his impeachment - himself included.

As we now ask how dozens on the FBI Terror Watch list were at the coup, Trump has lost his ability to pardon any of them.


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By MAGA standards "Dr. Martin Luther King" wasn’t a real doctor. #MartinLutherKing

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Quoted @JenBaumback

@AnaCabrera Too bad. Cant happen!

Pardon? #Nixon Trump is barred from issuing pardons either for himself or those related to the impeachment charges or #MAGATerrorists “No Pardon for you!”

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#MakeAbleistsUncomfortable We did, we got rid of their President.

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Sure, ask them what Ableism means. #MakeAbleistsUncomfortable

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Something a bit different other than, the usual political bullshit. For my friends in #LGBTQIA Community. @candyriot_ #thursdaymorning #disneybrave

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#TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho you would give his car keys to if got drunk at your party.

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"The best is yet to come!" -Some Ho

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I hope this #ImpeachmentDay turns out better than the last one. When, the Senate just regifted.

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If you haven’t learned anything about 2021, the best way to defeat them is to ignore them. Stop Trending #Tomi and she’ll go away. By the 20th, they’ll all stop being relevant.

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When Ohio State beat Clemson. You can’t take that away. #OhioState #FavoriteSportsMemory

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When Bill Belichick turned down Trump’s Freedom Medal. #FavoriteSportsMemory

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After the #FBI had their Press Conference MAGA Trump Supporters are like... What Capital, who’s Trump?

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Yaw bitches going to jail! No Wray! Yes Wray! #Wray

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