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Das Glas ist nicht halbleer, sondern halbvoll!

Kufstein / Tyrol /Austria

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Replying to @jimmykimmel: And that’s that.

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Can't wait till President Biden will call @foxandfriends !? How shocking great and funny would that be!
#Inauguration #Inauguration2021

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And that’s that.

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Quoted @MeidasTouch

Breaking: Lauren Boebert’s Twitter account has been locked until after the inauguration!


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Replying to @AdamParkhomenko: Watch and retweet this in advance of tomorrow

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Watch and retweet this in advance of tomorrow

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Quoted @andreas_lutz

@gop especially @SenTedCruz & @DevinNunes
Without Twitter you lose, because you can't reach your dumb voters that easily! And you already checked it..😂🤣😂

But @foxandfriends will keep you alive. 🤨🤨🤨

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Or maybe you can help, @FoxNews , because you may know best...

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Maybe you can help,
@actdottv ???

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Dear @GOP and #MAGA ,2 questions:
1) How much did Mexico already pay for the tremendous, wonderful, great wall?
2) Where is the release of Trump's tax returns, he promised since more than 4 years?

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Quoted @mmpadellan

OK Patriots: We are releasing a POWERFUL new video that shows why we need to #RemoveThemAll NOW.

Can we get 2,000 fast retweets and replies with the hashtag to get this thing trending? Please and thank you. 🙏💪

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Quoted @CoreyRForrester

Hey Proud Boys and MAGA “Patriots”... what the fuck is it that this country hasn’t given you?

For you, @DonaldJTrumpJr and @OperationMAGA and also @foxandfriends !
Listen to @CoreyRForrester , he is so fucking damn right!

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Quoted @donwinslow

Dear @SecretService

Sending this to you so you cannot say you weren't aware again. Please take every precaution to prevent violence.

There are bad people intent on causing harm.

Interesting for you too?

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Replying to @ProjectLincoln: RT if you think the Senate should #ExpelJoshHawley

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RT if you think the Senate should #ExpelJoshHawley

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Quoted @MrGoodMemes

@AllMattNYT Here are the faces of 32 insurrectionists as they leave the Capitol building. Retweet far and wide so these criminals are not allowed to get away with their treason.

Replying to @JuddApatow: Retweet!

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Quoted @donwinslow

NEW VIDEO: #CountryOverTrump VOLUME UP!

Over 120 Republican traitors in Congress will gather on Wednesday to try and tear down this country.

This video shows what they will really be standing for.

Please share and help us get 15,000 retweets today!

Replying to @MaryLTrump: We must hold every one of these traitors accountable.


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We must hold every one of these traitors accountable.


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Interesting, Mr @realDonaldTrump : Kushner helped create shell Trump campaign company that secretly paid family members, report says | The Independent

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Frage, liebes @puls4 -Team:
Wann wird eigentlich die morgendliche Cafe Puls Sendung aufgezeichnet, die dann in Endlosschleife als Wiederholung bis Mittag läuft?

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Österreich bleibt für NGO bei Plastik-Pfand der Nachzügler |
Der Pfand wurde in Deutschland eingeführt, weil sie zu blöd oder faul zum Sammeln/Recycling waren!

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Hey @realDonaldTrump - the credit for the vaccine should go to You?
Fuck off, ASSHOLE!
Scientists great job instead of YOU!
You told us, it is a HOAX and it will go away like a miracle!
Also pointed to you, bootlickers:
@seanhannity @TuckerCarlson @foxandfriends @IngrahamAngle

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