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Founder - Altimeter Capital. Painfully curious investor and builder. Living for today - trying to create a better tomorrow.

Joined on 16 January, 2009

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I f-ing love this country deep in my bones. Let’s do this. #imfeelingood

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On this day, perhaps more than any other in my lifetime, we need to work to see Dr. King’s dream through. @ValenceInc #SeeItThrough

Proud friend and partner to @optimusprimus @ValenceInc and happy to play a small part with the @boardchallenge_ to help #seeitthrough! “However young or old, u have a responsibility to seek to make life better for everybody.”

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Major upgrade.

This stark contrast of ideas is coming to CA sooner than later. States are experiments of democracy. It doesn’t cost billions - the power of ideas on widely distributed platforms can start a 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Cockroach Labs, which develops the cloud-native SQL database CockroachDB, raises $160M Series E at a $2B valuation led by Altimeter Capital (@ron_miller / TechCrunch)

1/ Application data, analytical data, & now transactional data has tipped & moving en masse to the cloud w @CockroachDB winning. $SNOW was last time we led 2 rounds of $$ for same company in the same year. Thrilled to be on this impactful mission. @peterfenton @mavolpi

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@vijaytella is a tireless, values driven leader reimagining workplace automation. Add to his list of accomplishments getting Altimeter star @paulinebhyang on Twitter! @jaminball

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Thrilled to announce Altimeter is leading Workato's $110M Series D. @vijaytella and team are helping businesses become more productive by automating workflows across cloud + on-prem applications with limited IT requirements with their low code platform.

Cloud, apps, software eating the world are grt - but CEOs need to get real shit done! 7k customers, growing 3x, bc biz use @Workato low/no code recipes to build easy, automated workflows that drive big results. Altimeter excited to lead / partner again w @NeerajVC and @Satishd.

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1/ Thrilled to partner with @dadiomov and @ModernTreasury to modernize the B2B payments infrastructure. Phenomenal growth: $100M -> $1B in reconciled volume (in just the past year)! Remarkable team with earnestness, authenticity and guts.

Massive TAM. Incredible momentum. $100 M / month and growing 25% m/m. Congrats @dadiomov @mattgmarcus @samaarons on modernizing biz payments - a critical area for the US economy. Altimeter is thrilled to lead the B and thx for getting @ramhwoo on Twitter! @chetanp @benchmark

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2/ Dream team of friends / investors supporting @dhubbard858 and Team @LaceworkInc. @dsundheim @plaffont. Tiger and Dragoneer.

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1/ Boom! > $500 M to win the cloud security race 🔥🔥. Thrilled to lead w ⁦@laserlikemike⁩ and ⁦@SnowflakeVc⁩ to enable all biz to protect cloud assets w same efficacy as hyper scalers. Cloud native + $SNOW = killer advantages.⁩

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Congratulations to Altimeter Growth 2! AGCB went public yesterday led by an incredibly diverse board of directors with a female majority. We’re excited to see such inclusive representation from companies in The Board Challenge community.

1 female director is so 2020. 2021 is the year of #femalemajority! Seriously - setting gender / diversity aside - the real take is it is amazing board stacked w talent, experience & diverse opinions. @OperatorCollect @theboardlist @LynchAnita @lexir @anuhariharan @Rich_Barton

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3/ A national savings / investment program will dramatically level the playing field. It will educate, excite and inspire those who would never have access to the stock market. And @ $2000 per child would cost only $8 B per year - a tiny investment with massive returns...

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2/ A one way acct - you can add but can't subtract until retirement. You own it. Your account on your phone. You watch it grow. Research is overwhelming - those who have savings tend to save and invest more - with positive benefits to mental health and well being.

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@altcap on @HalftimeReport says government should give every American $2,000 at birth that they can't withdraw for decades and watch the value compound over time for use later in life.

@chamath calls it a "fabulous idea"

1/ Every child should share in the upside of America. We will be proposing to the Biden-Harris team a Robinhood like mobile savings / investment acct for every child born in America - seeded with $2000 - invested broadly on their behalf in our equity mkts.

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$AGCB - Altimeter’s 2nd growth SPAC - is now live on @NYSE. All 3 doors to the public mkt are now wide open - and we are happy to advise / invest in what is best for u! Choice / competition are grt for companies, employees and retail investors. Happy to be part of this change!

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Trump is a fuckwad and total disgrace to himself, his family and our country. But America has now survived two simultaneously plagues - Trump and COVID - and is emerging stronger than ever. I have never had more confidence in the resilience of our Republic...

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Roblox raises $520 million ahead of planned stock market direct listing

Altimeter is thrilled to lead this round w @roblox as it transitions to the public market. Once considered just a game, @DaveBaszucki and team have created a massive global community positively connecting millions through creativity, communication, entertainment and commerce.

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Follow @Chris_Conforti on Twitter but don't expect a response soon. He’s on garden leave but will unleash his Twitter game in a few weeks. I have no doubt that he will have alot to say...

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The Altimeter IPO engine just added 🚀🚀! Welcome @Chris_Conforti. Chris helped lead 125 tech IPOs at Goldman - $SNOW, $U, $ZM, $PDD, $OKTA. He will ensure we deliver 🔥🔥 to the best tech companies as they transition to public mkts whether Bank IPO, DL or Altimeter IPO / SPAC.

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We can't let this moment pass us by without taking action. We've launched a pledge for U.S. boards of directors to add a Black director within a year.

Learn more about #TheBoardChallenge:

1/ Our companies and communities are stronger when we tap into the amazing and diverse talent around us. Every company should TAKE THE PLEDGE - diversify your Board - it is not a talent problem - it is a problem of inertia and imagination.

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