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Son of an Undocumented Immigrant. #BusinessDad
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@hunterwalk Reminds me to read the book (on the wishlist for a long time now): Without Their Permission: How the 21st Century Will Be Made, Not Managed by @alexisohanian. Seems like he can see future $GME

Seems my 2013 book is holding up 😅

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Props to @serenawilliams for acknowledging how important our 14day lockdown is here in Oz + how it's all good to go through it bc we want to keep Australia COVID-free! You all have been great hosts so far.

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And also - please - don't invest money you can't afford to lose, ESPECIALLY, in risky investments.

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I know they're all 'random people on the internet' but there's a lot more empathy and community there than people realize. It's why I've been saying for 15 years that (online) community is still massively undervalued.

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A couple hundred thousand years of evolution conditioned us to believe in and rally around the immediate tribe around us. The idea of an "institution" - a faceless, nameless entity we just have to trust -- is actually pretty foreign to our species.

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And it's a perfect storm at a time when lots of people are hurting, interest rates are so low, inescapable student loan debts loom, and every major institution has caught Ls during a /global pandemic/ over the last year. This is something to believe in.

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And if enough people believe in it, it actually can manifest reality. The institutional "security" isn't coming from the top, it's coming from the ground up. It's unprecedented at this scale, but we're tribal creatures, so it's more natural than we realize.

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💡 @andrewrsorkin you framed it right - that's the sentiment, the public doing what they feel has been done to them by institutions. This is an echo of what we've seen social media enable the public to challenge institutions for the last decade.

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I remember eliciting laughs at when I questioned a finance professor in college about a business' sole responsibility to "maximize shareholder value."

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My hunch is I don't think the $GME rocket is gonna stop. The power of #HODL is strong ... and irrational (until it's not).

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Can't believe a neologism I coined as a 22 yr old is trending, but here we are - nothing can surprise me anymore. At the time, my cofounder thought "redditor" (reddit + editor) was "dumbest thing he'd ever heard" -- thankfully, founders have to be high conviction + I kept it 😁

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Replying to @SquawkCNBC: BREAKING: Melvin Capital closes out of its GameStop position $GME
@andrewrsorkin reports:

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BREAKING: Melvin Capital closes out of its GameStop position $GME
@andrewrsorkin reports:

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Still shook by this. Even more so because he probably doesn’t know the boy in the video with me is Armenian too😭🇦🇲🇨🇲

I know now! 🇦🇲

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I'll rep Brooklyn til I die, but I actually think Tulsa has a real shot. It makes sense smart city folks want to believe that life doesn't exist elsewhere, but like the American who studies abroad for the first time, it's eyeopening to see what quality of life means to diff ppl

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Granted I'm the Reddit guy so I can't unsee the strength and vitality and "realness" of online *even psuedonymous* communities. But I also was a bard performing at the in-game wedding of one of my fellow Guild leaders in EQ in highschool.

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Quoted @Noahpinion

17/One function of cities -- dating -- actually seems somewhat easy to replace, since it's basically just a 1-to-1 matching process.

But social discovery -- meeting whole groups of friends online -- is a problem that no social media company seems to have solved yet.

When considering just how much technology has disrupted the monopoly of talent in the Bay Area by making it easy/better to work elsewhere, one must so consider how much technology will make it easier/better to play outside primary cities. @teamitsme already doing it for Gen Z.

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Quoted @HarryStebbings

🚨 Introducing 20VC: The Memo🚨

Brand new segment of 20VC dropping tomorrow.

The Memo unpacks the greatest venture deals of last 10 years, all centred around the investment memo written by lead partner.

No better than @Alfred_Lin @sequoia discussing @DoorDash tomorrow. 💥

Smart content! This is VC bait

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