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Learn how to use the user Tweet timeline and user mention timeline endpoints in the Twitter API v2 to explore Tweets and mentions 👇

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🔑🔑 On Tuesday, January 12th, we’re removing the ability to view existing consumer API keys from the developer portal. Be sure to save your API keys in a secure place before Tuesday to ensure your access to the #TwitterAPI is not disrupted. Learn more

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📈 From Tweets to Google Sheets: @JessicaGarson explains how to use Python to seamlessly turn a #TwitterAPI response into a spreadsheet.

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We tested, you Tweeted, and now we’re rolling it out to everyone!

Introducing a new Tweet field on v2 endpoints: “reply_settings" shows how the Tweet author allowed others to reply to their post. This can help you filter only by Tweets you can reply to, or better analyze public conversations. Learn more about it here 👇

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💡 Using Twitter data for academic research? Join our next livestream this Friday @ 9am PT on !

@SuhemParack will show how to get started with recent search & filtered stream endpoints on the #TwitterAPI v2, the new Tweet payload, annotations, & more.

👋 We're going live on Twitch in just a few minutes!

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👀 Don’t sign off for the holidays just yet. We’ve got something else coming your way later this afternoon...

Now in the new #TwitterAPI: user Tweet timeline and user mention timeline!
You can now get Tweets composed by or mentioning an account with the #TwitterAPI. Check out today’s announcement for what’s new, use cases, and sample code 👇

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2021 can't come fast enough, but when it does, be on the lookout for functionality to follow/unfollow accounts, and manage and retrieve block and mute relationships using the new #TwitterAPI. Check out our roadmap to see what’s coming next!

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📣 We’re releasing new v2 endpoints today! The follows lookup endpoints enable you to retrieve a person’s follower and following relationships via the #TwitterAPI. Learn more 👇

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Thanks to everyone who tuned in today to make music with the #TwitterAPI!

Next week on Twitch - @iamdaniele and @jessicagarson will show you how to integrate the #TwitterAPI and Google Sheets 📈. Tuesday, Dec 15th at 2pm ET.

📈 Live now with @jessicagarson and @i_am_daniele!

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🎧 Headphones on: watch @jessicagarson build an interactive app to write music using SuperCollider, Python, FoxDot, and the new Twitter API. Streaming Friday 1:30 ET on our new Twitch channel 🎶💻

🎧💻 We're live! Tune in! 🎶

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Is 2020 over yet?
Despite everything that happened this year, thousands of you still made the time to learn, play, and build incredible things on the new #TwitterAPI.
We want to share some of your stories and give you a preview of what’s to come next year.

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👂We want to hear what you think about our plans. As we continue to build our new product tracks, your feedback is essential to shaping the future of the Twitter API. Share your thoughts on this survey:

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console.log('Happy birthday, JavaScript!');

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🗣️ Announcing the new TwitterDev Twitch channel! Tune in Friday, December 4th at 1PM ET as @jessicagarson teaches you how to run your favorite Python package in R, with a live coded example using the new #TwitterAPI.

Live now!
Join the first ever @Twitch stream from TwitterDev

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It’s finally here! 🥁 Say hello to the new #TwitterAPI.

We’re rebuilding the Twitter API v2 from the ground up to better serve our developer community. And today’s launch is only the beginning.

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