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Harry Potter is way too emotionally stable for a kid raised by a family who hates him.

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Most of the people live their lives like Chess, always planning twelve steps ahead & trying to “win”. But life is more like Tetris. You can only ever know what’s immediately coming next and try to not die for as long as possible.

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We work five days a week for the luxury of laying down for two.

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We shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves by saying “previous generations lived through world wars, the depression, etc.” Minimising social contact is still very hard in a different way.

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They named it “High School” then told us not to do drugs.

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A black cat crossing your path is actually good luck on account of you get to see a cat.

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Everybody’s favourite dinosaur is dead.

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Introverts spend more time thinking about conversing than actually conversing.

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Yeah sex is cool but have you ever slept without a blanket and woken up to find yourself covered with one.

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Some people are not an early bird or a night owl. They are just permanently exhausted pigeon.

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When looking at the stars, you become the unique, final resting place for billions of photons that travelled thousands of light years only to make your life a little brighter.

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All clothing is unisex if you have the guts to wear it, much like your success in life.

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A college class is like Dora the Explorer. The professor asks a question, stares blankly for a few seconds, then answers his own question.

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2015 feels like last week, but last week feels like 6 years ago.

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Nobody can insult you like a child can. Not because they are malicious, but because they are honest and very observant.

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If you don’t look back on your past self and cringe, then you didn’t grow as a person.

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Understanding that you are stupid is a sign of intelligence.

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The dark side of empathy is being disappointed in people’s actions because you think they knew better.

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