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On the morning of February 4th 2020, things seemed relatively normal: people were still eating and drinking together. After that, nothing was normal again

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A hundred years after Patricia Highsmith’s birth @EmilyBobrow tells “The Intelligence” it is hard to disentangle the author’s demons from those of her characters

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Giuseppe Conte might, or might not, now be asked to try to form a third government in three years

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Ethiopia’s government appears to be wielding hunger as a weapon. Listen to “Editor’s Picks” to hear essential stories from the latest issue of The Economist, read aloud

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Britain has now recorded over 100,000 coronavirus deaths. Europe is now in its most deadly phase of the pandemic yet. The Economist is charting the number of cases and deaths, as well as vaccination rates across the continent. Keep track here 

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Chinese youth proudly exhibit their values by dressing in homegrown brands or job-hopping to find work that suits them

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On our “Babbage” podcast Vincent Riot, who works on the largest digital camera in the world @VRubinObs, tells @Eaterofsun that “hopefully we'll discover things that we don't even know about, or we can't even dream about”

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Whether you want to know what Margaret Atwood thinks about #MeToo or how Mark Carney suggests central banks should address climate change—“The Economist Asks” tackles the big questions. We’re looking for a producer for our interview podcast

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As Vietnam’s Communist Party leaders meet this week, @charlie_mccann tells “The Intelligence” what should worry them: informal criticism is growing

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Joe Biden’s first days in office have featured a raft of mostly uncontroversial executive orders. But soon he must turn to the grinding work of getting his covid-relief bill passed

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Petty irritations serve an important purpose: they soak up our malevolent energies

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Today on “The Intelligence”: what should worry Vietnam’s leaders as they meet, why American schools remain empty and the odious but enduring Patricia Highsmith

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Does America's economy need a stimulus as drastic as the one Joe Biden has proposed?

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Lorries carrying supplies into the starving parts of Ethiopia are being stopped by the central government or local authorities

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Congolese coltan mines must have their coltan verified as conflict-free by an outside agency if they wish to sell it. That can be expensive

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Many of America’s schools remain empty. On “The Intelligence” our education correspondent @majohns explains why, and what the long-run costs will be

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What will happen to the Republican Party? @CindyMcCain, a member of the Biden-Harris transition advisory council and widow of Republican Senator John McCain, tells “The Economist Asks” podcast “this party may split”

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“Biden is ahead of pace of all his seven predecessors.” On “Checks and Balance”, @kdtenpas says the new president’s speed in staffing his administration will help him deal with the multiple crises he faces

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Joe Biden takes office at a grim time for America. What should the world expect from his presidency? Our cover this week

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