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Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine works against the new mutant strains. Is that enough?

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Big Tech's business model is a threat to democracy. Here's how to build a fairer digital future

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Angelina Jolie on how the world can use this moment of crisis to relearn and rethink how we use technology to connect with one another #TIME100Talks

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COVID-19 is ravaging local newspapers, making it easier for misinformation to spread

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Joe Biden is the first president in U.S. history to openly campaign on abolishing the death penalty and win

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"My wine bills have gone down." How Joan Didion is weathering the pandemic

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No, Trumpism isn’t over. Look at what just happened in Arizona

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Why you don't feel as fulfilled from your job as you think you should

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“To take care of the environment is looking at new business opportunities.” @ProfKlausSchwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum (@wef), on why it’s important to think about greener initiatives and solutions as we rebuild the economy #TIME100Talks

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"While a one-time stimulus check is critical to help people in the midst of the pandemic, for a real and sustainable recovery, we’ll need recurring checks until the crisis is over," writes Natalie Foster

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Bonnie Hammer: "Women have lost a disproportionate number of jobs due to COVID-19. Here's how we can start to fix a broken system"

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"How transformative would it be if we could embrace the idea that unfinished is our natural and permanent state?" @SusannaSchrobs writes.

"Our path, if we’re lucky, is evolution without an end"

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Lynn Good, Duke Energy CEO, on how the Biden Administration will push for a greener grid

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.@BillGates: Here’s a formula that explains where we need to invest in climate innovation

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In today's COVID Questions: "My parents will be vaccinated long before me. Can they come visit?"

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.@JustinWorland: The world's biggest problems are interconnected. Here's how we can solve them this decade

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Tracking the vaccine: from freezer to front line

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How China could change the world by taking meat off the menu

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TIME 2030: 10 years to change the world

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