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"I'm definitely living the American dream," says Catarina Macario after her 1st #USWNT goal. "I don't have the words to describe how wonderful this was. I came here because the US is the land of opportunity. It was just a dream a little girl had when I was ten." 🇺🇸@PatrickWelter

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#USWNT coach Vlatko Andonovski on tonight's defensive lineup led by @HoustonDash keeper Jane Campbell: "Just the fact that we were able to play with such a young back line and young goalkeeper makes me very happy for the future of this team."

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#uswnt v Colombia player ratings
8—Rapinoe, Ertz
7—Lavelle, Macario, Horan, Cook, Williams, Purce
6—Mewii, Davidson, Sonnett, Dunn, Lloyd
5—Campbell, Fox

I’m impressed with Alana Cook. Passing sharply, dribbling up, defending when challenged. 🇺🇸

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#USWNT v Colombia 1st half notes:
Macario on the level and growing
Mewis and Lavelle on the run
Krieger looks less comfortable than she does at CB with Orlando
Sonnett, Cook and Davidson being aggressive

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Quoted @AnnieCostabile

Tournament featuring Champions League, Chicago Red Stars and Racing Louisville FC to be played in August

ICC and now Concacaf and IWC too. More multi-league club competitions, more, more!!

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Quoted @keepernotes

Celebrating "The Grace of @KristieMewie" by @SportParade:

Photo by Jordyn Baker

More grace of Kristie for #USWNT!

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#USWNTvCOL player ratings
5—Naeher, Dahlkemper, O’Hara, Dunn, Williams, Lavelle, Purce
6—Sauerbrunn, Macario, Lloyd, Sonnett
7—Horan, K.Mewis
8—S.Mewis, Ertz

Some aggressive play, not enough goals and a lapse of control but strong finish. #LFG #MLKDay

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#USWNT January camp—"Those are the most competitive," says Lindsey Horan. "You can do however much in your off season, but the second you get here it's so different. You're playing with some of the best players in the world...your spot is always up for grabs." 1/3

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"That's why we always want to be here," says Horan of the competitive January camp. They are "thankful that we have this opportunity here." #USWNTJanuaryCamp 2/3

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Kristie Mewis faced her sister Sam in a scrimmage yesterday. "Sam and I have been competing our entire lives so it's nothing different," she said. "It's healthy competition, because it's my sister. We support each other." #USWNT #Mewii #HoustonDash 3/3

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#NWSL -- Pride sign Jordyn Listro to full roster, announce she has obtained green card and will not require an international roster spot

Congrats @jordynlistro5! Un drafted in 2017, tries out in 2020, beasts in fall series, signed by @ORLPride in 2021. What a story.

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Replying to @RipSports: Just chatted with Dash draft pick Makamae Gomera-Stevens, and she told me she plans to play her senior season at Washington…

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Just chatted with Dash draft pick Makamae Gomera-Stevens, and she told me she plans to play her senior season at Washington State this spring but is undecided on whether she will report to Houston immediately after that or if she will stay at school in the fall.

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On moving up in the draft: there were offers, but we did not have a lot to trade this year...Holding onto those picks next year was really important to us...We don't have a lot of allocation money...when you look at the money that's spent on top picks, it's out of our league.

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Anderson and Gomera-Stevens may stay in college longer. "We knew that," says Clarkson. "It's their decision. We'll support them either's something that we looked at in terms of long term planning." With a solid roster in place, Dash can now draft for talent to grow #NWSL

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Clarkson notes that the Dash draft began with the trade for Seiler and Ogle from Portland. "With the four players we got from this draft we're really happy and excited." #HoldItDown #DashTFOn #HoustonDash #NWSLDraft #nwsldraft2021

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"[Joelle Anderson and Makamae Gomera-Stevens] are two players we thought would go much higher. We managed to get two outstanding picks despite picking 26th and 27th.
We think they've got massive upside..they can really add depth to us in the midfield and on the front line." #nwsl

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#HoustonDash draft Joelle Anderson and Makamae Gomera-Stevens. Dash head coach James Clarkson begins by saying "My staff Brendan and Twila have put in a lot of effort—did a lot of research, talked to a lot of coaches."
(a thread) #NWSLDraft

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Quoted @JeffKassouf

There are currently 49 players registered for tomorrow's NWSL College Draft, which gives a window into why all collegiate players who have exhausted three years of eligibility prior to the 2020-2021 academic year were deemed draft-eligible by the league. There are 40 picks.

Silver lining to the rule change:
No exclusion of seniors who don’t register and aren’t drafted. Eligible to play anytime now, through normal discovery process.

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Baird is excited for @KCWoSo — what they've accomplished in a short time already, what the future holds, and the new branding unveiled today #NWSL /end

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Quoted @keepernotes

With the #NWSLdraft just a week away, @SportParade takes a look at each club's 2021 situation and draft needs:

Photo by Nicole Flores

Welcome to WoSo, 2021 league ed.

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