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The Pelicans can’t even beat the TWolves without KAT and Russell...

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Quoted @TomPelissero

Sources: The #Lions and Matthew Stafford have mutually agreed to part ways this offseason and the team will begin exploring trade options in the coming weeks for their star QB.

Chris Ballard needs to sell out for Stafford

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Replying to @SacramentoKings: "I think we gotta wear these more"

🗣 @TyHaliburton22 after another 🔥 performance

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"I think we gotta wear these more"

🗣 @TyHaliburton22 after another 🔥 performance

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If Turner continues to play the way he is the Pacers have 5 guys in a fully healthy lineup that are more than capable of playing at an all-star level.

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The Suns are playing great basketball

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Quoted @DrewStubbmuffin

@OhNoCoop @RivalsZipp it’s almost like if you have a huge platform and a gaggle of dickriders and you suggest they go after someone... they do it. evergreen amirite

You quote tweeted and commented to Geoff Lewis several times just to have your followers do the same thing not long ago.

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Quoted @SportsCenter

Trae Young lit it up in his last two games 🔥

43 Pts, 8-12 3-Pt FG
38 Pts, 3-5 3-Pt FG

He is a top 5 point guard in the league

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That Evan Fournier shot looked good lol

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What a shot by Brogdon!!!!!!

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That’s a clear path

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The Pacers constantly get deflections that end up in easier shots for the opponent lol

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Watch for Ross

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The Pacers missed 3 daggers. Not looking good now

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That was just an incredibly bad no call by the officials. What in the hell are they watching?

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Goga just lost them the lead. Earned a ticket to the bench the rest of the year.

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The Pacers defense is a disaster right now. They’re not even attempting to close out on 3pt shooters. They’re scoring at will but giving it right back.

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TJ Mcconell sucks

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Losing Oladipo is going to hurt the defense a lot more than people would care to admit

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