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Democrats may move forward on coronavirus aid without Republicans: Schumer

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Exclusive: U.N. sanctions monitors accuse Yemen's government of money-laundering and say the Houthis have taken state revenue to fund their war effort @michellenichols

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Scientists in Greece find 20 million year-old petrified tree

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A wildlife park in Singapore released video footage of its first lion cub born following artificial insemination. The cub is named Simba

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⚡️ “Rockin' in a 'space bubble': What a concert looks like during a pandemic” by @Reuters

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Champagne loses its fizz as pandemic hits sales

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Replying to @ReutersPolitics: LIVE: Senators are sworn in for Trump's second impeachment trial

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LIVE: Senators are sworn in for Trump's second impeachment trial

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer speaks

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LIVE: President Biden signs executive order to promote racial equity

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Weekly UK-EU freight volumes down 38%, truck data indicates

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At Tricker's, a 192-year-old maker of English luxury shoes beloved by Prince Charles and Japanese fashionistas, relief at averting a no-deal Brexit quickly turned to dismay at the new price of doing business with the European Union

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More carats and sparkle: Sources including two people with inside knowledge of Tiffany’s operations told @Reuters the owner of Louis Vuitton would likely revamp the appearance of the U.S. jeweler’s stores and boost its presence in Europe and Asia

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Qualcomm to supply General Motors with 'cockpit' chips for next generation vehicles

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Citron's Left is still short GameStop even as stock bounds higher

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American rock band The Flaming Lips have come up with a creative way to put on live shows in the midst of the global shutdown, putting themselves and their audience in protective ‘space bubbles’

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Twitter acquires newsletter startup Revue

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Attendees had to wear masks when outside their bubble, but could take them off inside. Read more about rockin' in a 'space bubble' 4/4

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The capsules were equipped with a speaker, fan, bottle of water, towel and a sign reading 'I gotta go pee/It’s hot in here' to be shown to stewards, who escorted revelers or refilled the bubbles with cool air 3/4

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Today's top coronavirus headlines:
🇺🇸 California eases lockdowns
🇮🇳 India launches mammoth vaccine rollout
💉 EU locks horns with AstraZeneca on vaccine deliveries

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