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San Francisco, CA

Joined on 18 August, 2011


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Having multiple streams of income = boss energy.

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Poshmark has tons of features and tools to help grow your business (and make sales) right at your fingertips.

Learn more ➡️

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For everyone who’s building an empire for themselves.

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Conquer your fears. You’re ready.

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I am so proud of the business that I’ve built in the past 5 years. 200k followers, 1,795+ listings sold, $50k earned. So thankful that I took a leap of faith!”

Huge congratulations to Britt (IG: brittsalisbury) for reaching her five-year anniversary on Poshmark! 🎉

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When you make an offer and it’s accepted immediately:

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You are more than what you do.

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Congrats, you made a sale! Now what? Packaging and shipping your items is the last step in closing your sale and ensuring your buyer has a positive shopping experience. ➡️

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Waking up to overnight sales like:

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You’re powerful. Never forget that.

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How many sweaters is too many sweaters? Asking for a friend.

(📸: lindsaymcwhorter)

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That feeling when you find a deal on Poshmark.

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Repeat after us: You are enough.

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“I started reselling in 2013 on Poshmark and it is one of the best things I have ever begun.”

Congratulations on 7+ years, Erin! (IG: erintheinsomniac). We’re grateful to be a part of your reselling journey.

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That feeling when you help other Poshers succeed.

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For anyone who hustles 24/7: you don’t need to earn breaks.

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When you make your biggest sale of the year.

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Be your biggest fan.

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Channeling our inner Emily in Paris with this vintage Dior Double Saddle scored on Poshmark.

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