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Let us not ignore God’s word! It is a love letter, written to us by the One who knows us best. In reading it, we again hear his voice, see his face and receive his Spirit. #SundayOfTheWord

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May the Word of God sown in the soil of our hearts, lead us in turn to sow hope through closeness to others. Just as God has done with us. #SundayOfTheWord

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Prior to every word of ours about God, there is his word to us, his Word who continues to tell us: “Do not be afraid, I am with you. I am at your side and I will always be there”. #SundayOfTheWord

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Jesus speaks of God to everyone, wherever they find themselves: he speaks “walking along the shore”,to fishermen who were “casting their nets” (Mk 1:16).He speaks to people in the most ordinary times and places. Here we see the universal power of the Word of God. #SundayOfTheWord

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The #WordOfGod consoles and encourages us. At the same time it summons us to conversion, challenges us, frees us from the bondage of our selfishness. For His word has the power to change our lives and to lead us out of darkness into the light.

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The #WordofGod took on a face. The invisible God let Himself be seen, heard and touched (see 1 Jn 1:1-3). The word is effective only if it is “seen”, if it engages us in experience, in dialogue. Thus, the invitation to “come and see” was, and continues to be, essential.

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I would like to devote this Message for World Communications Day this year to the invitation to “come and see” (Jn 1:46). In order to tell the truth we need to go and see, listen to people and confront reality. #WCD

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During this time of serious hardship, this #Prayer is even more necessary so that unity might prevail over conflicts. Our good example is fundamental: it is essential that Christians pursue the path toward full visible unity. #ChristianUnity

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I strongly encourage all States and all people to work decisively toward promoting conditions necessary for a world without nuclear weapons, contributing to the advancement of #peace and multilateral cooperation which humanity greatly needs today.

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Each one of us Christians is a branch of the one vine which is Jesus; and all of us together are called to bear the fruits of this common membership in Christ. #Prayer #ChristianUnity

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#ChristianUnity can be achieved only as a fruit of #prayer. Jesus opened the way for us by praying. Our prayer for unity is thus a participation in the Lord’s prayer, who promised that any prayer said in His name would be heard by the Father.

 17,479  342  2,366

The world’s faith depends on #ChristianUnity; in fact, the Lord asked that we be one “so the world might believe” (Jn 17:21). The world will not believe because of our convincing arguments, but because we have borne witness to that love that unites us and draws us near. #Prayer

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After the Last Supper, Jesus prayed for His own, “that they may all be one” (Jn 17:21). This means that we are not able to achieve unity with our own strength. Above all, unity is a gift, it is a grace to be requested through #prayer. #ChristianUnity

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Jesus invites us to abide in Him so as to bear much fruit (see Jn 15:5-9). Abiding in the Lord means finding the courage to step outside of ourselves to take care of others' needs and give a Christian witness in the world. #Prayer #UnityOfChristians

 20,778  457  2,864

Today The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity begins. This year, the theme refers to Jesus’s counsel: “Abide in my love and you shall bear much fruit” (cf. Jn 15:5-9). #PrayTogether

 20,946  490  2,939

Let us pray together for our brothers and sisters of Sulawesi, in Indonesia, hit by a strong earthquake. May the Lord console and sustain the efforts of all those who are engaged in bringing aid. Let us also pray for the victims of the airplane accident in Indonesia.

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The design that God has for each one of us is always a design of love. And the greatest joy for every
believer is to respond to that call, offering one’s entire being to the service of God and the brothers and sisters. #Angelus

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We are always on a journey in life. Let us choose the path of God! We will discover that there are no unexpected events, no uphill path, and no night that cannot be faced with Jesus.

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In each act of service, in every work of #mercy we perform, God manifests Himself; God sets His gaze upon the world.

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