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Caring mother and teacher! Wishing for safer weather 😤😡

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Happy Thursday Twitter!!!! Guess who’s back....? It’s me, NANCY. I have been off the platform due to some iPhone storage issues, but I recently deleted CNN, 😬🧐 #transracial #COVID19 #AmericaOrTrump #COVID19 #Impeachment2 #ImpeachmentDay #Inauguration2021 #thursdaymorning #COVID

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What a wild start to 2021... :(🤕 We started with a breach of our capitol from our very own citizens🤯😠, and not our president is getting #ImpeachmentDay 🍑 🍑 for the SECOND time 👨🏻‍🦰. Let’s get #Inauguration2021 going and start making GOOD change 🗣 #AmericaOrTrump #Impeachment2

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THIS JUST IN! A surprise nor’easter will be coming though the center of Connecticut on Thursday, Jan 14 (TMR!). There will be several feet of snow, record breaking wind speeds, and severe power outages across CT. Expect all schools to be closed and cancel remote learning !! 🥶😱

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CORONAAAAAA 😭😭😭 NOOOO!!!!! 😢😥😓 Rona rona go away so I can teach my poetry!!!! I am deeply sorrowed for the students. Everyone stay safe #statement

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Oh my bubble gum goodness, this power outage is something else. Finally got service to check in with you guys. How’s everyone doing? I’ve been without power since Tuesday 3:00PM and still going. Does anyone have power yet??? #power #poweroutage

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Hey y’all. Tweeting here from the west coast!!!!!!! How’s everyone doing. It’s sooo hot I’m absolutely boiling 🥵. Can’t wait to get back in the classroom. I’m already on my 6th book in just 2 days. #reading #books

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Howdy everyone. It’s been a while! My husbands girlfriend took my phone this whole time ugh. She’s such a meanie. Glad to be back on the platform!!!!

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Pt 2 CIAC rant: To follow up from my previous tweet, I would like to say that I am completely appalled by what they are doing. My son received a phone call from his very emotional friend, and the emotions came to him too. I hate seeing my son and so many teens like this.

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First I am going to apologize for the late reaction-I needed to take some time to gather my thoughts and emotions.What in the iced caramel macchiato does CIAC think they are doing. Their decision is unjust, and unfair to all sports players that are missing out, especially seniors

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Coronavirus must be stopped. Schools must close. #reliablesource #coronavirus

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Ugh. I’m starting to get real worried about this coronavirus in CT. Schools need to start closing immediately to control this from spreading.

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My #1 source on school weather decision predictions, Jerry Robinson, has recently been attacked!!! I took some time to meditate and think this over, and I have come to the conclusion that this is WRONG! He is an innocent man. #freejerryrobinson

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OMG! I just dropped an entire pot of chili on the GROUND. #clutz #wheresthecoordination. I’m so silly!!! 30 mins just to clean it up😡🤬 #mess

This is literally me

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I cannot separate myself from my book right now!!!!! It’s too good. I’m swimming in novels. #lovereading #books #teacherswouldknow #imateachher #reading

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March Madness soon!!! 😁 Love watching all the university’s develop throughout the year and battle it out. #basketball #college #MarchMadness

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Looking like a schools will be closing tmr #BernieBeatsTrump

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Messy weather coming Wednesday night into Thursday. Lets use our brain cells and make some calls school districts. Would you rather lose 2 hours of school time or lives? #safety #mompower #MondayMotivation #moms p.s. can somebody get my son of til tok for 10 mins? PLZ!?!?

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