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Get you some people that don’t play about you! Don’t keep any one around you have to question. Loyalty over everything ✅

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The month of February bout to be 📶📶📶

2.2 💎

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Delete everyone you can’t depend on...
Especially If you give 100% with no hesitation 🔑

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@JulesAGrand Oop u showing off


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He so cute! I can’t wait to sit on his face 👅

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#Aquarius: Do not try to change the narrative of the story. You can do everything right and try your best to be exactly what you think they need and still wind up being the villain in their story.

They are always intimidated by us

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Hair. Lashes. Brows. Skin. Bodysuit all by black women businesses 💎 Support #WomenSupportingWomen #BlackOwnedBusiness

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Dear Lord,

Today, I thank You for my life. Remind me that there is no door that can not be opened by Your grace. My prayer is to open every door of blessing, joy, happiness, prosperity, salvation, and all the other good things of life that have been closed. In Jesus name. Amen🙏🏾


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Yeah you look good, but they still wanna know where Jules at 👅

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Stop taking advice from people that have nothing going on. They skate though life as a plus one. Never the ONE 📍

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You can come get rich with us. You gonna eat or you gonna starve?

We bring the table to the table

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You can play the game, or you can change it. From @MrEddieHuang, executive producer of FRESH OFF THE BOAT, comes #BOOGIE. In theaters March 5.

Can’t wait 🥰

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I don’t get paid for what I do. I don’t get paid for what I buy. I get paid for my time. I get paid for my experience. It’s supply + demand 💎

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Teaching us but making it simple. I learned so much about investing in my next art piece. Thanks to big fish 🗣✅ @MeekMill #northphillyfinest #culturecurrency

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If I feel like I’m reaching too hard for you to fxck with me. Work with me. Believe in me... understand that last reach was the last 📍

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Booking flights making money & minding the business that pays me 🤑😎

Double up ✅✅

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U a fan bitch

Wheewwwwww! But swear they don’t know us 😭😭😈😈

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Remember when you doubted me! I ain’t forget that. Solid wins everytime 💎

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I will work with the greatest in my industry. I will change the lives of my family, friends + peers. I will make an impact for my generation. I will be a product of success, ambition + prayer 🙏🏾 #thegifted

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