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I think $eth going to new highs will carry $matic an other layers 2's right alone with it.

Do you agree?

$btc $link $vet $rsr $grt $dot $ada

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I'm not a Biden supporter by any means.


Biden = China
VeChain = China.

This makes me even more bullish than ever on $vet.

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Quoted @LunarCRUSH

Top 10 trending searches as of 1:22AM UTC Wed, Jan 20
1 $vet #vechain
2 $nim #nimiq
3 $eth #ethereum
4 $ltc #litecoin
5 $zil #zilliqa
6 $enj #enjin
7 $algo #algorand
8 $ada #cardano
9 $btc #bitcoin
10 $rsr #reserverights

$vet The best investment on the planet imo. It's only a matter of time & that time is running thin.

$rsr is going to the stars. $btc $link $ada $matic $eth

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I played the mega million for the first time in a few years. If I win, I will take a lump sum & put $150 million of it into crypto.

In these 6.

$25M $btc
$25M $eth
$25M $vet
$25M $dot
$25M $rsr
$25M $grt

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#altcoins are lining up to BLAST OFF. Were not going to the moon. We're going to the stars. $rsr $vet $link $eth $matic $dot $grt $aave

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I'm liking them higher low's on the $rsr 4 hour.

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I mean is someone going to step up for these $eth gas fee's? This is beyond ridiculous. Do we want adoption or nah? $btc $link $vet $matic $rsr $grt

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$rsr needs to be on @coinbase or @BinanceUS asap. $btc $eth $vet $link $dot $matic

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the 4, 6 & 8 hour on $rsr look like a bull flag to me. $btc $vet $link $eth $matic

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Should I convert half my $rsr to $grt? I love The Graph at these prices. $Btc $link $eth $vet $matic

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At this point the @coinbase: We will begin trading $rsr (enter date) must be close. $btc $link $vet $matic $ada $dot $rsv

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$RSR will eat walls like $xrp did in 2017?

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Quoted @GoldTelegraph_


Venezuela’s government is planning to move to a FULLY digital economy as hyperinflation has destroyed its national currency.

Where there is a problem.

There is profit.

$rsr to the stars. 🔥🔥

$btc $eth $vet $link $matic

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As an early adopter & one of the rare 3964 xnodes. I'd really like to know what the REAL benefits of holding an xnode will be. I may be uninformed on this. Seems there's nothing so far aside from early opportunity for other projects. Which I knew 3 years ago. $vet #VeChain

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$rsr won't surprise me to see it run like $xrp in 2017. The circulating supply is much lower too @ 9 billion. it will increase, but take into account that $10 billion market caps at the peak of the bull run will be Minute. We got a lot of room for MASSIVE gains. $btc $eth $vet

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Welcome 2021. this year will be a ride you won't forget crypto investors. $btc $eth $rsr $vet $link $grt $matic $ada $dgb $ren $aave $dot

#blockchain #Bitcoin #Crypto

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$vet @ a half a penny? (0.005).

This almost don't seem real. This could be the steal of the century.

Use cases ✔️
Partnerships ✔️
Smart money ✔️
Smart contracts ✔️
Enterprises ✔️
Scalability ✔️

It does it all!

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