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My husband preordered Ahsoka Black Series from Walmart on July 17 and she’s been marked as “delayed” this whole time. She restocked this week and people who managed to order her already have shipping? How is that right ?

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Who on earth wrote the part of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla where the residents of Ravensthorpe are being all pissy at Eivor?

Eivor has don’t nothing but serve them constantly??? Dumb.

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Quoted @EA

✅ We love Star Wars.
✅ We look forward to continuing our partnership with Lucasfilm Games.
✅ We’re making more Star Wars games.
✅ BD-1 is still the cutest.

BD-1 IS the cutest. Facts.
Looking forward to more Cal Kestis

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Quoted @WIRED

After almost eight years of exclusivity with EA, Lucasfilm Games will be joining forces with Ubisoft to create an open-world Star Wars game. And that’s just the beginning.

Ubisoft has microtransaction problems just like EA & are known for glitchy releases. I want an open world Star Wars game so bad. I hope this game will be worth the wait.

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Quoted @bethesda

If it’s a third person open world adventure that avoids microtransactions I’d say I’ll be very interested! I hope PlayStation gets it, but if not I may be looking for an Xbox when this comes out 👀

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Quoted @NintendoAmerica

Oh no, Bowser has become gargantuan and lost all control! What will Mario do? Have a quick look at what new threats await in #SuperMario3DWorld + #BowsersFury when it releases for #NintendoSwitch on 2/12!

Well...that was weird. Not sure what’s going on lol but I already own the original game on Wii U so I’m not paying $60 to find out.

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I’d say the new Star Wars initiative is off to a great start. I loved Light of the Jedi and instantly fell in love with Bell, Loden, and Burryaga. Now, if only I could get my hands on Marvel’s High Republic # 1 !

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Quoted @DisFunko

New Pops and more are coming soon!

Frasier POPS 🙌

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Quoted @EckhartsLadder

Goddamn, I really do think I like Rebels more than The Clone Wars.

This rewatch has been enlightening.

I’m constantly going back forth on which is my favorite, but I think agree. Overall, Rebels was more consistently good.

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Replying to @nerdist: #TheMandalorian but make it a 90s sitcom

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In Light of the Jedi, Te’Ami is green-skinned, but in the Great Jedi Rescue she is blue. Are Duros chameleons? 😝 Regardless, I’m still enjoying the books! #HighRepublic #StarWars

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#TheMandalorian but make it a 90s sitcom

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Replying to @Disney: Here’s to a pixie-perfect new year!

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Here’s to a pixie-perfect new year!

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One of the biggest things on my 2021 wishlist is the announcement of a new single player / open world Star Wars game! I think it’s pretty likely we’ll get a High Republic one at some point. I can only hope it will allow us to customize our own character 🙏

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Quoted @Rodriguez

Here’s a Christmas present to all those who asked me what it’s like to hang out with Baby Yoda on the set of #TheMandalorian #TheTragedy. Check out #DisneyGallery for more behind the scenes!

this is too adorable 😍

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Replying to @starwars: Making spirits bright. This is the way. Happy Holidays from everyone at Lucasfilm.

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Making spirits bright. This is the way. Happy Holidays from everyone at Lucasfilm.

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Quoted @Disney

The Book of Boba Fett, a new Original Series, starring Temuera Morrison and Ming-Na Wen and executive produced by Jon Favreau, Dave Filoni and Robert Rodriguez, set within the timeline of The Mandalorian, is coming to @DisneyPlus Dec. 2021.

Oh thank the Maker. I thought he was the new focus of The Mandalorian going forward. Happy to see it’s a spin off!

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Quoted @CodyRhodes

1.Empire Strikes Back
2.Last Jedi
3.Revenge Of The Sith
4.Force Awakens
5.Return Of The Jedi
6.A New Hope
8.Clone Wars
9.Attack Of The Clones
10. Rise Of Skywaker
13.Phantom Menace
14.Rogue One

1. Empire Strikes Back
2. A New Hope
3. The Mandalorian
4. Clone Wars
5. Rebels
6. Revenge of the Sith
7. Return of the Jedi
8. Attack of the Clones
9. Phantom Menace
10. The Last Jedi
11. Force Awakens
12. Rogue One
13. Rise of Skywalker
14. I’m not going to watch Solo...

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I will never get over what a missed opportunity Disney Infinity was. There’s surprisingly a lot of depth to it, but not where it counts. The play sets are all samey and it’s a bit unreasonable how difficult some toy box items are to unlock *sigh*

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Replying to @JediJargonPod: They all have their own emojis; this is the way.


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They all have their own emojis; this is the way.


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Woke up and I’m still mad Nintendo is forcing Animal Crossing players to share one island per Switch

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