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I offer my profound congratulations to Joe Biden on becoming President of the United States of America. I am so pleased that he is giving high priority to the urgent issue of climate change. I pray for his success in meeting the challenges that lie ahead.

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Peace is not brought about through conflict, but through compassion — creating peace of mind within ourselves. We all need compassion and women can take a lead role in bringing this about. My own first teacher of kindness and compassion was my mother.

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Watch Live: HHDL joins Harvard Business School professor and columnist Arthur Brooks for an online conversation on “Leadership and Happiness” followed by student’s questions, from his residence in India on January 17th at 9am IST (Jan 16th 10:30pm EST).

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I regard a compassionate, warm, kindhearted person as healthy. If you maintain a feeling of compassion, loving kindness, something automatically opens your inner door, through which you can communicate much more easily with other people — you'll find that they are just like you.

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Watch Live - HHDL in conversation with Greta Thunberg and leading scientists on the Climate Crisis of Feedback Loops on Jan 10th at 9am Indian Standard Time (Jan 9th 10:30pm EST).

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Patience doesn’t arise spontaneously, we have to make an effort and familiarize ourselves with it. What’s more, it’s those hostile to us rather than our friends who teach us patience.

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Our Only Home - HHDL declares that this planet is our only home so we must take steps to stem global warming. He’s keen in his support for young peoples’ efforts to raise awareness of the climate crisis.

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HHDL’s New Year Greeting for 2021.

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Wherever I go, I try to cultivate a sense of the oneness of humanity. I see everyone I meet as being essentially the same. And people respond positively to this. Animals too. Fear leads to isolation, so it's helpful to be open to others.

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We must find secular ways to cultivate warm-heartedness — to educate ourselves about inner values. The source of a happy life is within us. Troublemakers in many parts of the world are often well educated, so it’s not just education we need. We must pay attention to inner values.

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Infants, even before they can talk, show a preference for examples of helpful behaviour and turn away from illustrations of harm. The conclusion is that basic human nature is positive and kind. Therefore, cultivating warm-heartedness and compassion is something we can all do.

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Under a bright blue sky HHDL trains his binoculars on the snow-capped peaks behind his residence in Dharamsala, HP, India on December 19, 2020. (Photo by Tenzin Jamphel)

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If those of you who are young today are going to fulfil a vision for a happier, more peaceful future in this world, you need to learn to live each day in a more meaningful way. You need to sharpen your human intelligence through study, but you also need to develop a warm heart.

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We must learn that humanity is one big family. We’re all brothers and sisters: physically, mentally and emotionally the same. But we still focus far too much on differences instead of what we have in common. After all, every one of us is born the same way and dies the same way.

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We can no longer keep exploiting the resources of this earth-the trees, the water and the minerals-without any care for the coming generations. It is common sense that we cannot survive if we keep working against nature. We must learn to live in harmony with nature.

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Modern science doesn’t include a deep understanding of the workings of mind and emotions, but some scientists are showing an interest in finding out. We need to cultivate emotional hygiene — learning how to reduce anger, anxiety and fear. The key is to cultivate peace of mind.

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I’d like to congratulate Ranjitsinh Disale on being named the world's most exceptional teacher and to express my admiration for his generosity in sharing half the prize money with runners up in the competition. He has set an example of compassion in action

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We can learn how to cultivate peace of mind. Then, we can apply our intelligence to extend a compassionate attitude on an individual, family, community and global level. It’s our nature to be compassionate, so education can teach us to appreciate that we’re brothers and sisters.

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My dedication is to serve the 7 billion human beings on this planet and the other creatures with whom we share it. If you can, help and serve others, but if you can’t at least don’t harm them; then in the end you will feel no regret.

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