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The low-lying city of Charleston, South Carolina mulls a $1.75 billion proposal featuring a sea wall along the city's peninsula to protect against deadly storm surge during hurricanes.

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This account will not post on Election Day. Follow @AP and @AP_Politics for full coverage of today's election.

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"Oh my God, I will vote for Donald Trump!" is the chorus of a song by a Miami-based Cuban salsa band that is driving Republicans to the polls. Democrats were hoping to win over younger Cuban Americans, but polls suggest they're staying with the GOP.

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Republican Sen. David Perdue says he decided not to attend a final debate with Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff this weekend so he could attend a rally with President Donald Trump. Ossoff says it's because Perdue can't defend his record. The race is tight.

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Donald Trump's promises to save the coal industry and put miners back to work proved empty, but many people in Appalachia are sticking with him, even though Joe Biden is vowing to create new jobs by investing billions in renewable energy.

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A Florida man is facing felony charges after authorities say he changed Gov. Ron DeSantis' voting address, raising questions about the security of the state's online registration system.

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The lights may go out for a poor, majority-Black city in Mississippi over long-standing debt of $800,000 to the electricity provider. "You start to wonder, ‘Do they really want us to survive?’” said one resident of Itta Bena, population 1,800.

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Black contractor who took on a job removing Richmond's Confederate monuments spoke exclusively with @AP about the project's complexities, his pride in the work and the backlash he's faced. The city says no other company was willing to do the work:

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Followers of the anti-government “boogaloo” movement hailed Duncan Lemp as a martyr after a police officer shot and killed him during a raid. Lemp’s parents tell ⁦@AP⁩ that their son wasn’t an extremist and didn’t pose a threat.

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Environmentalists sue the Trump administration, accusing it of dismissing the possibility that another huge offshore oil spill could hurt endangered wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico.

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Could the world’s most famous shipwreck still hold remains of passengers and crew? The U.S. government and a salvage firm disagree.

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Black immigrants have been outspoken about racism and police brutality since the police killing of George Floyd. But amid the camaraderie younger Black immigrants feel with African Americans, they also see a generational divide in their communities.

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Two U.S. Park Police officers have been indicted on manslaughter charges in the 2017 shooting death of an unarmed motorist who led officers on a chase outside Washington. The death of Bijan Ghaisar caused an outcry over concerns of excessive force.

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President Donald Trump's signature is the last step needed to award the Congressional Medal of Honor to Merrill's Marauders, whose secret World War II mission behind enemy lines in Burma set an enduring standard for bravery.

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"It is what needs to be done.” A Louisville church grappled with its history, took a pivotal role in the protests over the Breonna Taylor case, and was thrust into the spotlight.

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“Please do something to help us!”: Census takers have written to a federal judge with concerns that they are being asked to cut corners and finish their work early.

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The decision by a grand jury not to charge the police officers who killed Breonna Taylor is a gut punch to women, many of them Black, in Kentucky and throughout the country who have been protesting against racial injustice.

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New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is now clear of a misdemeanor charge of soliciting prostitution. A Florida prosecutor dropped the charges after courts blocked the use of video recordings taken inside a massage parlor.

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Florida prosecutors have decided not to appeal a court decision blocking video that allegedly shows New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft soliciting massage parlor sex. Monday's announcement makes it likely that the charges against Kraft will be dropped.

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Biologists seek to save the last remnants of quickly vanishing grasslands that once sprawled across the American Southeast.

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