The End Of The Pussy-Grabbing President, Isolated and Angry

From start to finish, one defining theme of Trump’s presidency was his profound anxiety about #masculinity.

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Watching the end of the #NOvsTB game like

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I’m so mad the Bucs won! Yoooooo wtf 🤬 congratulations tho #NOvsTB #NFLPlayoffs2021

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Did Wide Receiver Michael Thomas even play tonight ? #NOvsTB

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43 year old Tom Brady vs 37 year old Aaron Rodgers will be the oldest championship match-up of quarterbacks in NFL history. #NOvsTB

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Postgame #NOvsTB mood check:

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Live look at Rob Parker, Shannon Sharpe, Nick Wright & Max Kellerman:

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@TomBrady You're going to your 14th championship game in the @NFL. How do you feel? #NOvsTB

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