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अभी चुनाव हुए तो किसकी बनेगी सरकार?
देश का सबसे लोकप्रिय नेता कौन?
#BangalElection में कौन किस पर भारी?
#Corona पर सरकार के काम से कितने लोग खुश?

आज क्या सोचता है इंडिया?

#देश_का_मूड जल्द... सिर्फ @ABP न्यूज़ पर

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@ABPNews @abp 🌻Shri Narender Damoder Modi ji🔔

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@ABPNews @abp ABP News Channel Kitne mein bike huye hain ....

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@ABPNews @abp 😂😂 kisano se ghira modi to turant active ho gye godi

We all know very well that

Modi ki popularity - 67%
Rahul ki popularity- 18%

Or aaj ki tarikh mw hue loksabha k chunav to
NDA ko milenge 325 seat

Yhi h na tumhara exit poll

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@ABPNews @abp Is india heading towards dictatorship?

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@dotonadot @qnaloona Thanks for letting us know more lies, sec ball sac...

Let's fight #KPOP for DAYS!

#BLM #MAGA have more in common than most realize...

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You all remind of Jehovah’s Witnesses waiting for a second coming predicted again oops again ooops again and again.

Believe that ‘plan’ shit all you want. Just know you in a Q alt reality.

...trust the plan... my ass! ...


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How we feel when kpop stans take over a racist or ignorant hashtag

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@likalaruku @JosiahRises the trumpies started this hashtag and we are flooding it to piss them off because they can't seem to accept that trump is not their president anymore #ImpeachBidenNow

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