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 5 days ago

#ReverseGear | क्या होता है अगर आपके बहन-भाई भी हों सेम स्कूल में?

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@BFMTV Bon ben voilà c'est fini 🙃
Trump #CovidiotInChief va pouvoir remettre son costard jaune poussin et danser sur :
C'est la danse des canards 🎶
Qui en sortant Trump le Loser de la mare 🎶
Se secouent les bas des reins 🎶

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This is the last time you have to go to sleep fearing that the president of the united states is still Donald J. Trump. #TrumpsLastDay

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"Mr. Wonka, where has Donald Trump gone?"

"Where all the other bad eggs go: down the impeached, disgraced president chute. "


#ByeByeTrump #BadEgg #BeGone #TrumpsLastDay

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I wonder if "KIMMERLY" realized Daddy Don didn't mention her name or thank her for being an idiot for him. @kimguilfoyle #ByeDon #TrumpsLastDay #ByeByeTrump

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#TrumpsLastDay Garth Brooks?

If that's Joe's way of reaching across the aisle, count me out.

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If you watch @FoxNews you're a moron and irredeemable! #FoxNews #coronavirus
#Trump #TrumpsLastDay

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