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#ShariaEconomicTalkMetroTV Kamis (14/1) pukul 20.05 WIB akan membahas konsep halalan tayyiban bersama Banto Twiseno (Head of Consumer and Market Insight for BPC Unilever Indonesia) & Sapta Nirwandar (Ketua Indonesia Halal Lifestyle Center). Ikuti juga kuis setelah tayangannya ya!

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#OnMy99thBirthday I might go for a spin in one of them newly invented flying cars.

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#OnMy99thBirthday i got myself a union card and a wedding coat

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#OnMy99thBirthday I’ll find myself a young lady that can do a backflip, or two.


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Put some cake in my g tube. At least I could enjoy the burps.

( #nurselife survivors, I'm looking at you)

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I’m gonna drive around all day with my turn signal on #OnMy99thBirthday

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