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Syekh Ali Jaber sempat menyerukan agar Umat Muslim mentaati protokol kesehatan covid-19 pada April 2020 lalu di Kantor Pusat BNPB Jakarta. Beliau meminta agar Umat Muslim beribadah di rumah, tidak mudik dan mentaati protokol kesehatan. #COVID19UpdateMetroTV

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#NRABankruptcy AKA moving to Texas is just one more data point in the #GreatSorting, the process whereby we leave politically uncomfortable surroundings & head to Redder or Bluer states.

The #GreeatSorting is accelerating & it does not take much imagination to see what's coming.

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@NewYorkStateAG @NRA They are saying they have never been in a better financial position....they are pulling a “Trump” if they are filing for Chapter 11 #NRABankruptcy #DonTheCon

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@PreetBharara The NRA kept calling me to beg for donations, told them to "fuck off" and hung up on them.

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Thoughts and prayers...
#NRABankruptcy #Grift

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The NRA Chapter 11 Ivanka Teachers My Pillow #freecodefridaycontest #twitchrecap Tina Snow Josh Gordon FNAF James Charles #NRABankruptcy Openly Black Trisha #EWandTheWilds Marshall Law Ethan Hawke Momo American Thinker Start AD Nordstrom Arthur Smith Karens Teachers Fort Meade

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A text I didn’t expect to get today, but I am so glad that I did. #nrabankruptcy

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Makes me so happy!!! #NRABankruptcy

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"The #NationalRifleAssociation of America filed Friday for #Chapter11 #bankruptcy with plans to regroup in Texas," Bloomberg is reporting; let's hope this #NRABankruptcy is the end of the #evil #NRA~!

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