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#MediaGroupNewsSummit2021 27-28 Januari 2021. Hybrid summit event bersama pembuat kebijakan, pakar, dan praktisi untuk melahirkan gagasan dan pemikiran baru dalam menghadapi situasi saat ini di bidang ekonomi, kesehatan, energi, dan pariwisata.


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Whoa, #WandaVision and #OneNightInMiami out on the same day the #NRABankruptcy is announced? A swell Friday

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"National Rifle Association files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy" - ABC News - via @ABC #NRA #NRABankruptcy

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It's really that simple.

(Also, they're out of money, so... good fucking riddance.)

#NRABankruptcy #NRAbankrupt #FuckTheNRA

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Brilliant news that the dreadful @NationalRifleA has gone bust. As a 24 year & counting military guy, there is absolutely no need for firearms in civilian life. None. Guns should be illegal to all civvies world wide imho #NRABankruptcy

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#nrabankruptcy The NRA really shot itself in the foot making them a target for ridicule. Pulling the trigger on a move to Texas, they're not ready to bite the bullet and admit defeat.

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#NRABankruptcy is also a moral bankruptcy. Money over lives!

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Looks like the NRA is out of Ammo 🤣 #NRABankruptcy #NRA

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@shannonrwatts #tedcruz and his @GOP Senator colleagues have asked for privacy at this difficult time. #NRABankruptcy #thoughtsandprayers

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