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Bhupinder Mann recuses himself from SC committee on farm laws

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@ArtiSharma001 @Swamy39 @jagdishshetty @NewIndianXpress How come, his being in committee was a compromise with the interest of farmers ?
It is just being said to conceal the truth that he have received threat for himself and/or his family.

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@ArtiSharma001 @Swamy39 @jagdishshetty @NewIndianXpress राज्य सभा की सीट के लिए कोई भी जज, मेरे भारत महान का अंग बन सकता है🇮🇳

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 1 week ago

@ArtiSharma001 @Swamy39 @jagdishshetty @NewIndianXpress Dear @Swamy39
Does it mean #supremecourtofindia nominated people without their consent!!!

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@ArtiSharma001 @Swamy39 @jagdishshetty @NewIndianXpress Buddhe ki 'gyan' phati....😊😊😊

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 1 week ago

@ArtiSharma001 @Swamy39 @jagdishshetty @NewIndianXpress kissan ko jalil karne ..aur satta me corporate ka saathi rehne wale BJP ...ko sirf satta chaihye.bhale samjhauta lalu yadav party se kyn na karna pre...gundey BJP join karne ke baad paak saaf ho jate hain..yahi mere deshe me fekun ka saidhant hai..jo corruption ke janmdata hai!

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@ArtiSharma001 @Swamy39 @jagdishshetty @NewIndianXpress Didn't the SC check with him before appointing him?

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@ArtiSharma001 @Swamy39 @jagdishshetty @NewIndianXpress Instead of running away from the problem, he would have shed light of his knowledge on the agricultural bill, so he was more respectful, rather than running away from the problem is more disrespectful for him in the eye of the common people of India & middle-class farmers.

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@2E6KEImwT8vRUr2 @ArtiSharma001 @Swamy39 @jagdishshetty @NewIndianXpress check ur facts

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@ArtiSharma001 @Swamy39 @jagdishshetty @NewIndianXpress Sir
As your view
Rajiv Gandhi was nationalist.
Why he appointed Mufty Mohammad Saeed as his Home Minister ?

Anti Kashmiri Hindu movement movement was held his government also.

He sat as a silent spectator.

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@ArtiSharma001 @Swamy39 @jagdishshetty @NewIndianXpress Sir,
If in your view
Rajiv Gandhi was nationalist.
Why he appointed Mufty Mohammad Saeed as Home Minister.
Anti Hindu Kashmiri Hindu movement was held in his government .
As you know .

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