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Google cracks down on personal loan apps in India following abuse and outcry by @refsrc

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@TechCrunch @refsrc @teakkadai1 @sundarpichai Translation பாருங்க 🤣

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@TechCrunch @refsrc நம்ம @teakkadai1 டீக்கடையார் குரல் நம்ம சர்க்காருக்கு கேட்டுச்சோ இல்லையோ @sundarpichai கேட்டுடுச்சு... வச்சார் பார்யா ஆப்பு

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@Jrmz13 @gregchunva How so? Dude was as thin as paper, partially due to his lack of presence. #Toonami #SwordArtOnline #SwordArtOnlineAlication

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This dude waving the death flag #SwordArtOnline #Toonami

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#Toonami #SwordArtOnline

hope they hurry before they get Kirito and others out of the game

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Nakanishi's the real MVP here. #SwordArtOnline #Toonami

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@thedeanredman I apologize for bothering you Mr. Redman But what was it like for you to be the voice of Dutch in #BlackLagoon And if you were ever asked to represent the role again in a revival would you do it for old time sakes? #Toonami

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