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The ubiquity of microfiber pollution has coincided with the rise of fast fashion—cheap synthetic clothes that during each wash shed perhaps 100,000 microfibers, which then flow out to rivers and oceans through wastewater.

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@WIRED the capitalists who gain profits from mass production, the social structure which normalizes people to choose cheap and fast fashion and people’s psychological behavior to fill up their vanity with those low quality clothes. the whole society driving to ecological collapse

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@WIRED Terrible ... in the end following my philosophy of life better little but good also helps the environment

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Couldn’t let this go (pic/accompanying article from @TheBeaverton): “Trump Spends Final Days Just Rubbing His Dick on Everything in White House”. My husband laughs & says, “*Probably* a joke.... Right?”. Maybe.... #ByeFelicia

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I never enjoyed #ByeFelicia this much 😃😃


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Me tomorrow during the inauguration #ByeFelicia #YouAboutToLoseYoJob

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Trump ‘furious’ so many celebrities performing for Biden inauguration #ByeFelicia

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