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 5 days ago

Ever wondered how, exactly, things came to cannibalism for the Donner Party?

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@WIRED I skim read the title and thought “A political party resorted to cannibalism?” It didn’t seem that far fetched.

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 5 days ago

@WIRED good lord what did I just read

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 5 days ago

@WIRED Ummmm no

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@buzz_liteyear @WIRED Then bang a right

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 5 days ago

@WIRED Ya know, sometimes things get boring

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 5 days ago

@WIRED i prefer not being a dumbass and not trying shortcuts i've been warned are terrible mistakes personally

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@WIRED Are you guys okay?

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@WIRED I personally would rather have died of dysentery.

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 5 days ago

@WIRED No because I watch @TheGoodDeath

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