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 1 week ago

Christopher Krebs and CISA spent three years focused on protecting the 2020 election from foreign actors. Then another threat emerged.

"It became clear that it was not just going to be a foreign threat, that we were seeing domestic efforts by the president as well."

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@WIRED We need that book Mr. Krebs. Current history reveals the president gets proper protection (as he should) but where is the public's protection from the presidency? It exists but is quite inadequate. Politics can stop impeachment; politics can stop the 25th. Some won't resign...

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 1 week ago

@WIRED There's a saying in security... It's not if you'll get hacked... It's when. And the US has a lot of catching up to do. But, it's not completely his fault. It's not like his administration was helping.

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"Ihr seid nicht verantwortlich für das, was geschah. Aber dass es nicht wieder geschieht, dafür schon.“ (Max Mannheimer)

Das ist die Botschaft des Holocaust-Gedenktages. Vergesst es nie. Und: Nie wieder!


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A humanidade jamais se esquecerá, para que a intolerância nunca traga de volta a dor da crueldade. Sempre lembraremos, jamais esqueceremos! #WeRemember

Hoje é o Dia Internacional em Memória das Vítimas do Holocausto.

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we remember all the victims that died just for being Jewish ..we must never forget
#HolocaustRemembranceDay #WeRemember #HolocaustMemorialDay

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@Tsahal_IDF @sethi_seven Je partage le tweet et vos souvenirs 🙏🕯✡️

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#HolocaustRemembranceDay also reminds of @EvaMozesKor, a holocaust survivor herself, but cared for other nations and their fight for #freedom. It is a message from her to me in 2018. RIP Eva !
#WeRemember #NeverAgain

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@WorldJewishCong @AuschwitzMuseum Was at Dachau Feb 2003. Unforgettable. #WeRemember

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@IlhanMN Yes! Absolutely. Also, we need to stand firm against communism, totalitarian ideologies and identity politics. Tens of millions were killed in the 20th century. Never Again. #WeRemember

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