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 1 week ago

Quoted @RepDanCrenshaw

Proxy voting is cowardly. Period.

Narrator voice: “On January 13, 2021, Dan Crenshaw voted by proxy.”

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@GrooverJohnson @jessehawken @nycsouthpaw @DanCrenshawTX I know many who would, leaving Dan all cried out, in a sling.

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@jessehawken @AdamWeinstein This is his brand.

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 1 week ago
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@jessehawken @AdamWeinstein This counts as progress for @DanCrenshawTX. Last week he helped inspire a violent insurrection. I’ll take cowardice at this point from him.

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@jessehawken @nycsouthpaw Damn, the ads for his 2022 opponents just produce themselves, don’t they?

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 1 week ago

@jessehawken @nycsouthpaw Well, at least the above is less violent than his other viral vid

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नजरी-नजर निहाल जिंदा गुरु पीर था!!
कहते दास गरीब तबीब कबीर था!!

अपने मनुष्य जन्म के मूल उद्देश्य को जानने के लिए देखिए प्रतिदिन श्रद्धा टीवी दोपहर 2 बजे 🙏🏿


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""फूटी आंख विवेक की,सूझे नहीं संत असंत।
जाके पीछे दस बीस,ताको कहे महंत।।""
सतज्ञान प्राप्त करने हेतु देखें सतलोक आश्रम यूट्यूब चैनल पर और पढ़े पुस्तक #ज्ञानगंगा।।
*चक्रवर्ती ज्ञान है कबीर साहेब का जगत के तारणहार संत रामपाल जी महाराज*

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@sundayigboh1 Let's do this together
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My most recent interview about my award winning 🙏😱 live session album with the wonderful @IndieMusicWomen #mondaythoughts

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Lol my cat is snoring so loudly next to me 😂🐈
#CatsOfTwitter #mondaythoughts #cats

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Debenhams will not longer be a luxury department store we all once knew. A FAST FASHION BRAND like @BOOHOO will destroy it's reputation it once had. #Debenhams #Boohoo #Fashion #Retail #MondayThoughts

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Don’t we all have one?
Isn’t the trick identifying it?
Then using it as a force for good?
So what’s your Super Power?
Smart? Being a great friend? Compassionate? Loving?
#mondaythoughts #life #inspiration #truth #mindfulness #success

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