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BREAKING: Queens man impeached — again

"A Jamaica Estates native made history Wednesday"

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@Julianne_T_ @maddow God keep him out of Brooklyn.

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 1 week ago

@JJRouss46184420 @maddow And Rudy Giuliani...

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@antonehenry @maddow Yep trump can’t read more than 4 letters 🤷🏻‍♀️

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@maddow In my opinion, the most damning and despicable evidence of Trump’s incitement and sedition was not emphasized today- that while the siege was underway, Trump was calling certain Senators trying to get them to delay the counting of votes, instead of dissuading the violent mob.

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 1 week ago

@maddow Love the snark!

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@maddow Trump lost the election with 232 votes..
Trump won IMPEACHMENT with 232 votes..

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Though Agnew and Dick, in their primes,
Routinely committed high crimes,
The Nixon & Spiro
Impeachment count’s 0,
While Donald’s now done it 2 times.

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Celebrating America: Diese Stars begrüßten Biden und Harris im Amt #BruceSpringsteen #CelebratingAmerica #JoeBiden #JohnLegend #KamalaHarris #KatyPerry

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@WhiteHouse who is that lovely young person in the WH with the moves for Lovely Day during the Celebrating America concert please? #LovelyDay #CelebratingAmerica

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#CelebratingAmerica was the bright light at the end of a very looooong dark tunnel!
Just what America needed after 4 years of 'hatred of other'

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Katy Perry arrasou em sua performance no evento de posse de Joe Biden, "Celebrating America".


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