No mother should have to go through this. 

A vial of insulin costs about $5 to make. Yet people with diabetes are dying because drug companies charge as much as $540 per vial in the U.S.

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@SenSanders Same with EpiPen. American exceptionalism at its finest

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@SenSanders I remember this I saw it on tiktok! I felt so bad and sent her money via Venmo! I can’t believe the same insulin is less than 5$ in Canada! Why we charge so much for the identical insulin is beyond me

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@Bahabreezango @SenSanders bro it's easy bro just get a job bro

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@SenSanders I cry everytime I leave the store unable to buy enough diapers to last my baby more then a week.

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@SenSanders Hey Bernie even here in Brazil we can get insulin for free, there's no way u guys can't make this happen!

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@SenSanders its cheaper and easier to get cocaine than it is to get insulin in america

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