The attack on the Capitol was coordinated and planned.

Here are the insurrectionists talking about the plan, including detailed schematics of the Capitol building.

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@jb_duckmayr Profile picture JB Duck-Mayr


 1 week ago

@taggart_sheryl @AynRandPaulRyan YUP. Had a R uncle (one of the few who'd still talk to me) try & tell me it was mostly "doughy college kids" & nothing scary happened. "They just walked around, look at the video"

So I showed him video of when 100s of them were crushing on officer in a doorway. He blocked me ๐Ÿ™„

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@theoremegregius @AynRandPaulRyan Itโ€™s much worse than any of us thought. They had inside help, knew the floor plan...had they planned a massacre?

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@D_fincher25 Profile picture DFincher


 1 week ago

@colinth7 @AynRandPaulRyan The guy filming at one point asks for more narrative and bearded guy has a moment of awareness I think. He told him look for yourself and then puts on his gas mask. But it is extremely helpful seeing this 2+ minute documented history.

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 1 week ago

@gailendavid @AynRandPaulRyan Cruz, Hawley and Rubio??

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@GValimont @AynRandPaulRyan โ€œIf weโ€™re going to take this buildingโ€

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@AynRandPaulRyan The GOP thinks this is okay and we need to move on and unite? This is pure unadulterated criminal behavior and scarier than shit. I'll bet you a drink of your choice, most of the GOP haven't looked at these videos.

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@theoremegregius Profile picture bokonon


 1 week ago

@AynRandPaulRyan My god this is so much worse than I thought.

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@AynRandPaulRyan Has the megaphone lady been arrested?

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@AynRandPaulRyan Megaphone mouth... Had been there before. She knew quite a lot for someone who was not a member, staff or a journalist.

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 1 week ago

@AynRandPaulRyan I want to know which GOP Leadership gave them the tour of the Capitol the night before.

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@AynRandPaulRyan Incredibly helpful of them to film themselves.

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